Bipolar Vortex

During the 1970s climate scientists blamed the polar vortex on global cooling, but now they blame it on global warming.

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  1. ” A growing body of evidence suggests the kind of extreme cold being experienced by much of the United States ……is a pattern we can expect to see
    with increasing frequency …..The odds are that we can expect to see more of
    this pattern of extreme cold in the mid latitudes ”

    There is no evidence of increased cold wave excursions southward into North America in the era of globalized satellite coverage .The data plotted by John Christy [ and affirmed by climatologist Cliff Mass ] shows North American cold waves have declined in frequency over the past 40 years so the global warming – polar vortex carousel theory is wrong and I submit John Holdren – and Mike Mann – must have been familiar with the ” growing body of evidence ” and the 1970’s in 2014 … The trendline since 1895 is one of decreasing cold waves

    ” If the Polar Vortex is due to to Global Warming ,Why are U.S. Cold Waves Decreasing ” ?

    This is where things get interesting : if you care to examine cold wave fluctuations in Christys series the standout peaks are in the period 1910 – 1940 when there was dramatic loss of sea ice [ and a 50% faster rate of warming at least between 1920 -30 than 1995 – 2005 ] in the Arctic. However the 1930’s were notable for the United States record sweltering heatwaves and hot temperatures – unmatched this century as evident in the US Heatwave Index – when atmospheric carbon dioxide was lower ..So either way, Holdren , Mann and the climate alarmists lose the argument …..As if empirical evidence and scientific integrity meant anything to them

    • Ryan Maue published his ‘bomb cyclone’ data online in 2010 showing no worsening of northern hemisphere polar vortexes and Cliff Mass pointed out cold waves have decreased over the past 50 years ….Why did Holdren and Mann not acknowledge this information ?

      • Correction Maues bomb cyclone dataset concludes in 2010 so the data must have been available at the time of John Holdrens address …Kevin Trenberth insisted winter storms are a feature of winter – not climate change

  2. Magnificent work once again Tony and Kirye

  3. arn says:

    How CONvenient that global warming and global cooling
    were both used to target energy production.

    The reason why global warming was chosen in the end was
    that a coming ice age would have required a massive increase in power plants to compensate for the loss of heat
    and that a cool scenario would have rendered frozen windmills and snowcovered solar panels useful and therefore made the massive built up of potemkin green energy farms impossible.

  4. Greg in NZ says:

    Lithium has been a standard medical salve for folk suffering from bipolar over the decades: now *they’re* trying to get ALL OF US onto lithium, one way or another… no thank you.

    • A psychiatrist in Ireland – and a Labor candidate – proposed lacing water reservoirs for human consumption with lithium as if the creativity stultifying ,toxic substance was no more hazardous to human health than fluoride…I wonder what attracted him to Labor Party politics ……….As for Barack Obama’s personal choice of national science advisor , Tony did not tell us that climate evangelist Holdren revered Harrison Brown…. His hero worship of Harrison Brown did not bother Obama either otherwise he would not have
      appointed him …See if you can connect the dots to the Third World mass sterilization and compulsory abortion programs Holdren and Ehrlich advocated in their Bioscience text… Another eugenicist was Greta Thunbergs ancestor Svante Arrhenius .

      As Michael Crichton and Tony have argued eugenics was the avante garde consensus science of its day popular with cultural elites …

  5. toorightmate says:

    I can not continue without first saying that John Holdren was a first class honours dickhead, almost as dopey as his “””president”””.
    Having got that off my chest, I am old enough to remember when the Northern Hemisphere used to occasionally get very cold winds from the North and the Southern Hemisphere used to get very cold winds from the South.
    Alas, those wonderful days are now gone.
    As a result of apolyptic global warming and catastrophic climate change they have been replaced by “””polar vortexes””” (or vortices).

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