“dramatic evidence”

Another look at incoherent claims about glaciers and climate by the US government.

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2 Responses to “dramatic evidence”

  1. dm says:

    Everyone, prepare for the day alarmists claim Tony fakes old news articles using Photoshop. Their alternative is to deny realists access to archived articles.

    Why anticipate the above? Alarmism is devastated by comparing old climate / weather related articles with alarmist explanations, claims, forecasts … Ditto comparing what alarmists said in the past with subsequent statements.

    • Terry Shipman says:

      As one who has a degree in history I think Tony has missed his calling. He would have made a fine historian. I too worry that copyright holders might try to get legislation passed giving them the right to deny use of their material to persons or groups of their choosing. Copyrights expire after so many years so they couldn’t control that. If there is ever an attempt to establish George Orwell’s Memory Hole I hope historians rise up to oppose it. I think such legislation would be unconstitutional but leftists want the constitution to mean what THEY say it means, not what the framers meant. What Tony does is acceptable under current law and that can’t be allowed to change.

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