Glaciers To Disappear By Mid-Century

The United Nations says the glaciers of Yosemite and Africa will disappear by mid-century.

7:50 PM · Nov 2, 2022

A century ago, experts said the glaciers of Glacier National Park would disappear by mid-century.

29 Dec 1923, Page 5 – at

12 Apr 1924, 7 – Spokane Chronicle at

That prediction failed, so they changed the date to 1961.

17 Sep 1936, Page 16 – Arizona Republic at

That prediction failed, so they changed the date to 2002.

05 Mar 1952, Page 1 – The Post-Standard at

Then 2020.

No More Glaciers in Glacier National Park by 2020?

Then 2044.

Climate Change Threatens to Strip the Identity of Glacier National Park – The New York Times

Those glaciers are growing now.



The glaciers in Africa were supposed to disappear by 2015.

07 Oct 2001, Page 36 – The Salina Journal at

The Melting Snows of Kilimanjaro | Science | AAAS

Snows of Kilimanjaro defy global warming predictions –

Mount Kilimanjaro glaciers nowhere near extinction –

The snows of Kilimanjaro could vanish by 2040 due to climate change: Report

It isn’t clear why any of this matters, because the UN said in 1989 we only had until the year 2000 to stop global warming.

Mercury News: Search Results

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4 Responses to Glaciers To Disappear By Mid-Century

  1. MGJ says:

    Die-hard Platonists. When objective reality fails to match the noumenal realm (i.e. their models and predictions) it is always objective reality that is not only wrong but, seemingly culpable.

  2. conrad ziefle says:

    Is there a glacier in Yosemite Park? I go there all the time and never have seen it on the ground or on a map. No one who I know has told me about it. The park rangers never say, hey hike out to Glacier Point and you’ll see it. I’ve been to glacier point; didn’t see a glacier.

  3. Won Well Eternally says:

    ^That sounds like a very Platonic statement. Plato (I prefer Aristocles) warned of the cave syndrome via analogy. Never entirely believe what people are saying or showing until it is verified. That is why I read the blog site, to consider arguments and opinions that counter those propagated by the powerful mainstream.

  4. Ivan Wainwright says:

    The people at the New York Times and the Washington Compost couldn’t lie straight in bed. They are just bright green Marxists.

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