Most Injected Vs. Least

Wyoming was one of the least injected and least restricted states during the plandemic.  New Mexico was at the other end of the spectrum.

States with the Fewest Coronavirus Restrictions

More Than 12.7 Billion Shots Given: Covid-19 Vaccine Tracker

As far as cases go, the two states had nearly identical curves. But in terms of deaths per million, Wyoming did much better.

Have we flattened the curve in New Mexico? – Johns Hopkins

Have we flattened the curve in Wyoming? – Johns Hopkins

United States COVID – Coronavirus Statistics – Worldometer

Never mind reality though.  Last year the the press claimed Wyoming had the highest COVID-19 death rate in the country, in an effort to scare people into getting injected.

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  1. Jimmy Haigh says:

    Similar to Sweden. They were hit early by the bug – they had a Covid death before most European countries had any cases. For one weekend in May 2020 Sweden had the then highest death rate per million in the world. This was taken as proof that Sweden’s no-lockdown policy had failed. Sweden’s death rate ended up well below many European countries and below the European average.

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