Record Snow Cover In South America

Snow cover in South America reached an all-time record high earlier this year.

Snow cover in Australia and New Zealand has also been far above normal this year

Global Cryosphere Watch

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5 Responses to Record Snow Cover In South America

  1. Greg in NZ says:

    1 Dec, our first ‘meteorological’ day of summer in NZ and the forecast for alpine regions in the South Island: ‘Snow to 3,000 feet’. And the next day is the same, “thanks to climate change” as one radio weather-zombie regularly preaches.

    Meanwhile, Climategate fellow, James Salinger from NIWA, regurgitated his same old failed prophecy this summer is going to be THE™ (The Hottest Evah!). Observable data be damned – just beLIEve!

  2. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    Meanwhile the Biden administration is going ahead with the plan to phase out fossil fuels.

  3. Scissor says:

    About 5′ of snow at Steamboat.

  4. Scissor says:

    5′ of snow at Steamboat, mainly just the past couple of weeks.

  5. Disillusioned says:

    This is the kind of stuff the late Robert Felix talked about. I read his book years ago. He may end up being seen as prescient after all. Selfishly, I hope not. Brrrr. 500 to 1,000 years to go before we fall off the precipice into the next major glaciation would be just fine with me. Even 200 years would be ok. But, not now, not 100 years from now. That is too soon. Gimme some more of that old-time global warming!

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