A Week Without Sun And Wind

Where will our electricity come from in this weather?

12/03/2022 – Germany has been in the dark doldrums for a week: no sun, hardly any wind! In some cases, the share of solar and wind systems in electricity production was less than ten percent. Typical winter weather. The result: the coal and nuclear reactors are running at full speed. According to the network agency, conventional power plants have generated 82 percent of German electricity over the past four days.”

Keine Sonne, kaum Wind: Woher kommt bei diesem Wetter unser Strom? | Politik | BILD.de

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12 Responses to A Week Without Sun And Wind

  1. conrad ziefle says:

    So they talk the big talk, but when the wind and sun fail, the Marxo-Nazi rats scurry to their holes shouting, “Start the power plants, start the power plants!” Of course, should the sun show up again, they will march, red eyed with their chests pushed out, shaking their fingers and in their shrill mouse voices declare, “No more power plants! No more power plants!”

  2. GWS says:

    Pay no attention to what your eyes are telling you; the Great OZ will tell you all you need to know!

  3. Petit_Barde says:

    OT but I think this may be interesting to share :

    The link below is a presentation of a Criminal complaint against Swissmedic, the equivalent of the FDA in Switzerland (the trial is ongoing, started in July 2022) :

    In German, with English subtitles, scientists expose the inefficiency of the mRNA vaccines and their actual (plaintiffs’ testimony) and potential damages.

  4. There is only enough ;renewable’ energy to support 5% of the existing population, so the underlying policy is to exterminate much of mankind to ‘save the planet’. The Germans are beginning to discover precisely how sick and evil the protagonists of the alarmist crap are.

    • Gamecock says:

      Dare we say the final solution is to shut down the conventional power plants? That IS the plan.

      Politicians act shocked, yet the janitor at Karstadt knew this was going to happen. You should not believe that sentient beings didn’t know this was going to happen. The loss of electric power is the expectation. AND.IT.IS.GOING.TO.GET.WORSE.

  5. Greg in NZ says:

    What the heck is a ‘climate polluter’?

    Pollute the climate… ah yes, those who manipulate & massage & mangle data to fit their new religion’s kommandments. The climates are fine, leave ’em alone.

    BTW am camping at hot pools near Maramarua for a few days: it’s finally got dark at 10:30 pm, moon almost full, Jupiter & Saturn & Mars (bright!) are rocking the night sky – the joy of country life! No quakes here, yet, though I’m camping right on a fault, an anticline on my left & a syncline to the right: life on the edge is good.

  6. Richard says:

    anyone wonder why Merkel was so for wind and solar?? Anyone spell KICKBACKS

  7. dm says:

    The solution to this problem remains: Create an electricity service & tariff specifically for those TRULY concerned about man-made climate change. The service should use solely electricity sourced from wind turbines, solar panels and storage batteries. The tariff should make subscribers pay ALL costs (capital + operating + additional transmission costs …). To make sure subscribers experience in real time fluctuations in sustainable electricity supplies and quality, their meters can be engineered to reflect such fluctuations. FYI, in the US, the regional independent system operators (regional grids) already monitor each supply source.

    Struggling to cope with the aggravations & costs inflicted by sustainable electricity will cause most subscribers most to reconsider renewables. FYI, costs extend far beyond the tariff. Costs include lost income (because they cannot work when the power is off), prematurely replacing electric devices (because quality fluctuations, power surges … burn-out devices), higher grocery bills (refrigerated & frozen food spoils when the power is off) and quite probably the outlay for the household generator they will quickly buy to supplement their green electricity service.

    • Gamecock says:

      A few years ago, a neighbor put a sign in his yard that he got from the power company, saying that he was using renewable energy. The idea being that by paying extra, he got to say that renewable energy generated elsewhere was his.

      I asked if they rewired his supply, or was he still getting power from the same substation as me.

      Sign gone the next day. Power generated elsewhere, and USED ELSEWHERE, he payed extra for just to claim he was using renewable energy. It boggles the mind how stupid people are. And somebody at the REA got the idea to market the schtick, got signs printed up, and people actually bought it.

      Decadence will be our end.

  8. Caleb Shaw says:

    On his Weatherbell blog Joe D’aleo pointed out the northern hemisphere snow-cover is at record levels for early December. Such vast areas of snow create perfect conditions for radiational cooling, and arctic high pressure. These continental air-masses clash with the warmer oceans generating whopper Aleutian and North Atlantic gales, and also cause the jet stream to get loopy and dig farther south. This in turn can generate the massive arctic outbreaks which bring cold and snow much farther than usual. IE: headlines about frost in the orange groves of Florida.

    In other words, gentlemen, hold on to your hats. We could be in for a ride! (Also don’t forget the elderly on fixed incomes, who may be too proud to ask for help. Invite them over for a game of checkers, if your house is warm.)


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