Puppy Environmental Competition

All six puppies likely have the same parents, Kirye and Caesar. Toki and Upala were born on June 3 and are now full grown. Zen, Sakura, Lightning and Ruby were born on December 2. The graph below compares their weights on each day after birth.  The puppies from the litter of two had less competition for space in the womb as well as for mother’s milk – and grew much faster than the puppies from the litter of four.  All puppies are healthy and I will post pictures later.

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3 Responses to Puppy Environmental Competition

  1. Gil Shillcutt says:

    Hello Tony,

    If you develop an equation charting the puppies weight gain in the future (solely from these graphs), you’ll find a disturbing trend.

    I once had a dog with a singleton litter, and that puppy doubled it’s weight for the first 4 days. That trend could have meant disaster for the planet.

  2. Gamecock says:

    I should expect all to arrive at about the same weight as adults.

    Tony, please update in a year.

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