“Socialist Utopia”

Their lawnmower must have been broken.

“The home was in many ways a Cowboy State socialist utopia

It’s just really hard to support a property of that size when you have people coming and going

The 5,733-square-foot collective home is now on the market for $830,000.”

Woman Who Built Socialist LGBTQ Commune In Laramie Calls It Quits, Selling Compound – Cowboy State Daily

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7 Responses to “Socialist Utopia”

  1. arn says:

    Living for years in a socialist Utopia and then selling the house for a very capitalistic price instead og giving it away for free to some minorities or illegals – I wonder why?

    Maybe for the same reason the Marxist BLM founder decided to live in a million dollar villa (she loves the equality)of a white community(and she loves to be opressed) once she became rich.

    Marxists are the worst capitalists.

  2. Gamecock says:

    Dunno. Getting $830,000 for a house in Laramie seems a stretch. Might get two-fifty.

  3. dm says:

    Kind of: The mower’s battery could not be recharged when CA wheeled electricity from other states.

  4. gronimo says:

    Seems that Ms Ludwig has discovered how difficult it is to maintain a socialist society on even the smallest of scales. Only the most committed folks can do it successfully, and usually in a religious setting – Israeli kibbutzim (most are secular now) and monastaries being successful examples.

    Where the members of the commune are not committed – as here – you’re faced with the issue that folks are all in on the “to each according to their needs” part. Not so much on the “from each according to their ability” as the disrepair of the house demonstrates. Of course, scaling the system to encompass all of society becomes problematic, as the people correctly perceive that many that are in the socialist society don’t align/participate, leading to collapse of that society. The ideology then REQUIRES that the state step in, thus leading to tyranny and oppression.

    Ms. Ludwig seems a fabulist, but obviously believes in our modern fairy tales of utopian society, gender transition, social justice and even her own electability. I have no idea why she’d try to do these things in Wyoming, as it’s not fertile ground for her beliefs. She may have more success in Oregon. The article says that, “She said the lack of job opportunities within her social justice and sustainability fields in Wyoming were the biggest reason (sic) for her departure.” And justly so. Let’s hope that the entire DEI movement jobs also dry up. It’s all a cancer on the body politic.

    She does also take a dig as a parting shot saying that she does not respect people that have a prudent view of conservation, the ecology and the use of natural resources as befitting man’s place on earth.

    At least she won’t be pestering Tony and the good people of Wyoming any longer.

  5. conrad ziefle says:

    It’s wonderful to live in a country where people can try various odd economic arrangements on their own without dragging everyone else along as slaves to support them economically. I’m all for socialism. If you want it, don’t drag me into it. You can set up a corporation where anyone can join by giving it all of their wealth, then it will promise to provide them with everything they need, even a job; even a job, whether they want one or not. Your salary goes to the corporation, in return for all that you need, where they want to give it to you, and how they want to give it to you. Socialism is not like slavery, not one bit.

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