“will likely disappear”

“More than half of Antarctica’s native species will likely disappear by the end of the century if global warming continues at its current pace, according to new research published Thursday.”

More than half of Antarctica’s plant and animals could disappear due to climate change

There has been no change in Antarctic temperatures over the past four decades.

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10 Responses to “will likely disappear”

  1. Torgo says:

    New research? An unproven computer model is the lowest form of scientific “evidence” and is actually no evidence at all.

  2. conrad ziefle says:

    What plants? Which of the 12 animal species? Actually, there probably are plants and more animals under the ice shelves. Probably most are microscopic.

  3. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    Meanwhile rolling blackouts have hit memphis. 150,000 people affected at a time up to 2 hours twice a day. This is weird, because if any utility company in the US has ample capacity, its Memphis Light Gas and Water, which is the largest full service (electric, gas, and water) in the country.
    They are literally sitting atop Texas and Louisiana nat gas pipelines the run into the northeast. Oh wait, I think I just figured it out. Millions in the area will suffer blackouts because there’s not enough pipeline going to the northeast.
    Why should us in Tennessee have to suffer for failures of liberal governments (shutting down pipelines under construction for example)
    Memphis went off coal and to clean burning nat gas 20 years ago. I maybe it’s time to rethink firing up the old TVA coal burners in the area.
    It was below zero this morning with wind chills closer to 20 below. At mid day it’s warmed to a comfortable 6 degrees. Yeah right. This was done on purpose to condition us to suffer needlessly. My Rep Marsha Blackburn will be getting a call next week. We should refuse sending nat gas to liberal areas of the northeast too stupid to think ahead like we did 20 years ago.

  4. rah says:

    Heck! It was just a couple winters ago that they recorded the coldest temperature ever in the interior.

    • Thomas B Fowler says:

      Whether it’s hot or cold, it is evidence for global warming. According to the wokesters, there can be no evidence against anything they like, including global warming, white racism, or covid shots. They know this because they know that facts are irrelevant, and if reality intrudes, you just pretend that it is something else. Then you never have to say you’re sorry!

      • rah says:

        And then the cardiac condition or the clots come. US life expectancy is at a 25 year low as more and more people die from the clot shots.

        If the mandate would have gone through, I would have retired from my truck driving job. I used to run up into Ontario and sometimes Quebec pretty regularly and then after the Canadian mandate that ended. Now Canada has rescinded that mandate and nobody in the media seems to want the Canadian government or health authorities to explain why?

  5. zlax says:

    https://earthdata.nasa.gov/learn/sensing-our-planet/unexpected-ice NASA: Unexpected ice. Sea ice in the Southern Ocean defies predictions.

  6. If there is no way to disprove global warming, even in principle, it is not science. The acid test whether the subject is science or not is whether it is potentially falsifiable by means of feasible experiments.

  7. David Norse says:

    I don’t think there has been any temperatur increase to speak of in Antarctica the last 5 million years, as Antarctica is sealed off climatically from the rest of the planet by the southern sea.

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