Fossil Fuels Saved The Whales

“The Daily Courier
04 Feb 1939, Sat – Page 6


One of Pennsylvania’s chief claims to fame is the fact that the oil industry originated and was developed largely within her borders. Few industries have a more fascinating story.

In the 1850’s the industrialization of the United States caused a rapid’ increase in demand for illuminants and lubricants. Whale oil had been widely used for both, and its price soared to $2.50 a gallon, Substitutes were developed, and vegetable oils partly replaced whale oil as a lubricant. In England a method of distilling kerosene from coal was developed, and a coal-oil industry was rapidly growing in this country.”

04 Feb 1939, Page 6 – The Daily Courier at

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10 Responses to Fossil Fuels Saved The Whales

  1. Richard says:

    and COAL Saved the forests of Europe

  2. Allan Shelton says:

    How true…

  3. Ben Vorlich says:

    Paraffin Young.
    Another Scot who improved human wellbeing.

    The shale bings (spoil heaps) where a feature of the West Lothiaan Countryside until the 1970s when many were removed for road building. 50 years on nature is reclaiming them, as it always does.

  4. Brodirt says:

    They’ve played a part in ending slavery and child labor as well.

  5. David B. Kleiser says:

    Good stuff as always. Tony, do you still provide acces to your software? The old link is dead.

  6. GWS says:

    The dims don’t care one twit about any of this, they just want it all stopped, so the world won’t burn up, as they believe. They were happy as clams to burn whale oil in their lamps because it worked so well and the whales had no face to show sadness or pain.

  7. Without Coal/Oil Mankind would still be living in the early 1800’s. AND no plastics, medicines, trucks, cars, steel, food, transport, travel and everything we have, use and eat every day…EVERYTHING. No Diesel no deliveries and no FOOD etc.!

  8. Lance says:

    And windmills will kill the raptors, bats and whales

  9. Reid says:

    Fossil fuels also saved the forests.

  10. dm says:

    Crude saved whales.

    In stark contrast, sonic blasting associated with offshore wind turbines is probably killing whales from VA all the way to MA.

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