Burn Acreage Fraud In The 2023 National Climate Assessment

The figures are now available for the 2023 National Climate Assessment. They want people to believe that burn acreage is increasing in the US, so they hid all of the data which shows that it isn’t.



National Fire News | National Interagency Fire Center
National Interagency Fire Center

“Every year over 200,000 fires burn and sear the forests of the United States. Every year an average of 31,000,000 acres of forest land is burned over—an area larger than the State of New York”

Forest Fires and how You Can Prevent Them – Google Books

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2 Responses to Burn Acreage Fraud In The 2023 National Climate Assessment

  1. Roger Bee says:

    Missing data, or a selective starting point, can have huge distortions on raw temperature records too (if raw records still exist).
    Ask an Australian firefighter about the cause of bushfires, and the answer will almost always be People, either accidental or, more recently, deliberate, either by sick people or increasingly by climate alarmists attempting to prove their point.
    Bushfires are nothing new, nor are droughts and floods. Nothing to do with fictional global warming or CO2 levels.

  2. Disgusting for sure!

    What’s the source of the missing data in the chart?

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