Cloudfare Check

This website has been under a denial of service attack for a long time, and cloudfare is keeping the site functional. If you have difficulties getting in (usually due to a slow internet connection) you can see all recent blog posts mirrored at

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7 Responses to Cloudfare Check

  1. Russell Cook says:

    Initially, it toke me at least 4 attempts at clicking the “I am human” box before I was taken in to the site, but now it takes two attempts. Don’t know how such systems identify where I’m at or what computer I’m using, but as long as this system is knocking out the folks who have nothing better to do with their lives than act as schutzstaffel censors on behalf of the Clima-Change™ Party, that’s a good thing.

    • Russell Cook says:

      Typo – schultztaffel, with an “L”.

      • arn says:

        Your first Schutzstaffel was correct.
        The 2nd has an L too much.

        • conrad ziefle says:

          When I look up Schutzstaffel in my handi German dictionary, I get the English translation of “Schutzstaffel”. so then final Google tells me that it was a branch of the SS.
          Schutz translates, one of many, as guard or protective
          Staffel is, one of many, Unit.
          It’s interesting that down the page is Schutzstoffe, which is vaccines. or protective stuff

  2. sunsettommy says:

    My forum had been under a scripted attack by someone in Washington D.C. early this year which was stopped by making something in my account be different despite that the forum is small and low in traffic, but the reason is me sunsettommy whom they know well which is why I am always watched because of my Freethinking Independence that scares them as I am a long running critic of the stupid AGW construct and a defender of the Republic and post all over the internet on climate stuff.

    Also, until recently was a 5-year Moderator at Watts Up With That? which I requested leaving so my comments can be freely posted once again.

    They already succeeded in taking down my old large climate forum 5 years ago by having the server host suddenly pretended they didn’t know about my forums existence and my account with them.

    This time around with a smart webmaster in my corner I have a forum still alive and well with a growing Earth Forum block of which on occasion I post an article from here into it.

    Keep up the good fight Tony!

  3. Francis Barnett says:

    Should “Cloudfare” actually be spelled “Cloudflare”?
    Confused pedant here!

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