Donald Trump’s Policies To Drown His Home

Trump axed a rule that would help protect coastal properties like Mar-a-Lago from flooding – Vox

This was Mar-a-Lago in September 1926

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3 Responses to Donald Trump’s Policies To Drown His Home

  1. Laurie says:

    The truth lies hurts

  2. conrad ziefle says:

    Well at least they can’t say he does things to make money for himself, unlike Uncle Joe.

  3. D. Boss says:

    Are LibTards really this stupid and ignorant? Or are they just prone to outright lies to support their narrative? (my vote is for stupid and liars)

    Google Earth shows the grounds around Mar A Lago is 15 feet above mean sea level as of 2022 image. So if the ocean rose 1″ per year it would take roughly 180 years to have the ocean lapping at the doors… Well knock that down to about 120 years to account for wave and tide heights, but still can’t they even do simple math? And 1″ per year is wayyy more than historical sea level rise….

    Here is actual tide gauge from the Lake Worth Pier, only a few miles from Mar a Lago:

    4 mm per year or 0.157 inches per year. If we take 10 feet as the rise for waves and high tides to hit Mar a Lago structure, that is 120 inches and 0.157 inches per year puts it at 762 years at present sea level rise levels since 1970

    Duh the stupid it burns!

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