Irish Hate Crimes

Saying “Irish Lives Matter” is a hate crime in Ireland.

Saying “Irish Lives Matter” in Ireland is now considered a hate crime. : r/ireland

It also may be a hate crime in Ireland to not say “Black Lives Matter”

In Ireland, Domestic Racism and U.S. Protests Spur Push on Hate-Crime Laws Amid Vacuum – WSJ

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7 Responses to Irish Hate Crimes

  1. conrad ziefle says:

    Read, listen to James Lindsay to have the craziness of all these Marxist movements broken down for you. Essentially, Marxist theory, is pulled out of the head, BLM, Queer theory, critical race theory, all fantasies about how the world should work, to be beaten into reality regardless of the cost or irrationality of it. The only way to beat it is to drive them out of power and back into the insane asylums. The Irish farmers need to go to the Netherlands and get some leaders from the Dutch farmers to come teach them how to organize. And the Dutch farmers need to push for the “final solution”- leave the EU and declare Holland a sovereign nation that has open full throttle capitalism and selective borders, which allow only those who will build Ireland and not those who will destory Ireland.

  2. Past experience has shown that the IRA is particularly skillful at political assassination, and they have definite views about traitors. These lunatic politicians are advised to bear that in mind when they not only ignore, but suppress the will of the people.

  3. arn says:

    All people in Western countries must kill those and their families who infiltrated and occupied those countries and top positions and terrorizing the native populations and trying to replace them.

    Otherwise they and their countries will be destroyed.

    Btw – isn’t it interesting that there is absolutely no difference between Kanada,USA, England, Australia or Ireland.
    All politicians, Instututions and Media have been systematically turned against them(and on top of that the destruction of national sovereignties, culture and energy supply)
    while protecting the illegals ,criminals,murderes and pedophiles and even encouraging criminal with soft on crime and making stealing legal by tolerating theft below 1000 dollars (which artificially manipulates the high criminality down in favor of the narratives).

    And you will not even hear a single word of King’Im so worried about climate’ Charles or the former mighty church of Ireland about (racist to the core as the perpetrators are always from on and the victims from native ethnicity ) mass child rape and stabbing (the only cultural enrichment you really get from illegal invasion).

    The globalists must be finished off once and for all.

  4. Richard E Fritz says:

    the WORST part is 80% of LEFTIES believe they are doing GOOD in Ireland US EU what they DONT Realize is the immigrants are going to vote them OUT Soon and take over the entire West culture

  5. william says:

    “Though people of color report frequent attacks..” They neglect to mention that said attacks are by other “people of color”.

    • conrad ziefle says:

      If people of color are experiencing more attacks, then they need to ask for more police to patrol in their neighborhoods. There is no need to provide special legislation regarding the issue. They need to start making their way within our society the same way we do, and stop expecting to be treated like exotic species.

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