Global Warming Makes It Cold

“the effects of global warming may even have favored the extremely cold temperature”

How global warming also brings colder weather – DW – 02/11/2021

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13 Responses to Global Warming Makes It Cold

  1. Disillusioned says:

    How global warmists will lie their asses off.

    or –

    How global warmists will twist themselves into pretzels.

    • conrad ziefle says:

      First, as Greta admitted, it is not about global warming, but rather a Marxist agenda to make all of humanity conform to their made up fantasies. Global warming, COVID and pandemics, systemic oppression of Black Lives, the perverse sexual agenda, the perverse educational agenda, all are aimed at the dismantling of rational, empirical, and pragmatic systems of thought and replacing them with nutty-fruity systems of governance and management.
      That being the case, it is difficult to argue, that the whole theory of green house gases is that they modulate temperatures to a narrower range, unlike places like the moon and Mars, which have no atmosphere and the temperature swings to extremes between night and day. Just the opposite of the green house effect. But that is rational thought, and counter to Marxist Critical Temperature Theory.

  2. rah says:

    Too warm too cold.
    Too wet or too dry.
    Too clam or too stormy.
    Too many wildfires or too few wildfires.
    Glaciers advance or Glaciers retreat.
    Icebergs calve or icebergs don’t calve.
    Too much snow or too little snow.

    There is virtually nothing that the all powerful CO2 can’t do.

  3. Bruce says:

    It rained all night, the day I left
    The weather it was dry.

    The sun so hot, I froze to death
    Suzanna don’t you cry.

    Oh, Suzanna, oh don’t you cry for me….

  4. Tommy b says:

    Grise Fjord Nunavut latitude 75 N is 0.3C right now
    They say freezer door open and we’re all doomed the clock isn’t ticking it’s bang-ging according to Kammie

  5. Ah yes, that pesky polar vortex again, whose position has got bugger all to do with atmospheric CO2 concentration. The effects are localized and don’t explain the fact that global temperatures are actually falling.

    • conrad ziefle says:

      I read something years ago, where they were explaining how CO2 causes the polar vortex to change. In the end, they said, “We just can’t figure out how the molecules affect the velocity vector.” I thought it was a parody, but I think they were serious.

      • dm says:

        If you were reading the Babylon Bee? It was intended to be parody. But, regrettably, left wing life too often imitates BB’s art.

  6. Ulric Lyons says:

    ” The cold snap across Europe is the result of a weak jet stream — more precisely a dip — that has caused a strong and long-lasting collapse of the polar vortex.”

    The PV is a bit displaced but pretty strong:,93.04,249

    The negative North Atlantic Oscillation conditions causing the cold outbreak are discretely solar driven, I predicted a colder period from Nov 25th months ago.

    The Arctic warming is normal during a centennial solar minimum, while that doesn’t guarantee a wavier jet stream, it’s the wavier jet stream which causes AMO and Arctic warming.

  7. Graham says:

    Please make it make sense!

  8. Mango Thonotosassa says:

    “Global Warming Makes It Cold”…

    Yes, and that warm, yellow liquid raining down on you that smells like urine…
    that’s just rain!

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