Making The Data Better

Politifact says NOAA is making the data better by tampering with it.

PolitiFact | Fox’s Doocy: NASA fudged data to make the case for global warming

Over the last 25 years

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2 Responses to Making The Data Better

  1. rah says:


    Pretty much says it all.

    And of course neither Zeke or Schmidt addressed the phantom stations.

  2. arn says:

    The problems with absolute temperatures is that they rarely result in warming trends,
    while adjusted temperatures always result in warming trends,
    which is extremely odd as every adjustment has a 50:50 chance to either go up or down.

    Of course these impossible adjustments upwards would have never happened if they did not replace the ice age scare with global warming.
    If the ice age scare were still part of the narrative the adjustments would all go down – as result of of some strange ever ongoing coincidence.

    It’s like Iraq’s WMD’s .
    Raw data has shown that there are no WMD’s,
    but after some very expert data adjustments they were as real and apocalyptic as global warming is now.

    When you pay people for a specific narrative they won ‘t come up with facts but the narrative you are paying for.
    And Housefather is for AGW what Curveball was for Iraq .

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