Targeting Energy And Food

COP28 is targeting energy and food, while doing nothing about CO2 or climate.

“UAE Minister of Climate Change and Environment and COP28 Food Systems Lead, announced that 152 nations have signed the Declaration ?, bringing food and agriculture to the center of COP28.”

3:11 AM · Dec 10, 2023

Global Monitoring Laboratory – Carbon Cycle Greenhouse Gases

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4 Responses to Targeting Energy And Food

  1. arn says:

    I guess now it is obvious what the climate scam is really all about and why Bill Gates is so invested in Food and Agriculture(and what a coincidence that Epstein was the driving force behind this foundation).
    And it all started in an identical way in 92 during the Rio UN climate summit and they already had their Greta at that time with Gretas speech.

  2. Peter Carroll says:

    WHAAATT! No mention of, FATAL HUMIDITY? How can they not address this new, exciting, existential threat, to a big lump of mankind.
    I’ll have to complain to the “Fatal Humidity Global Council”, about this.

  3. naturelike says:

    I think it’s all because of to move to the sixth technological order, which is highly undesirable by many people around the world. The sixth technological order is based on a merger of the biological and the digital; point. Who wants it? How many people? But, according to the big fishes, you have to move on to it. Hence the recent global “crisis events”.

    The sixth technological order, in short:

    “[Adviser to the President, Special Presidential Representative on Climate Issues] Ruslan Edelgeriyev read Russia’s national statement at United Nations Climate Change Conference or Conference of the Parties

    We intend to make maximum use of our potential in implementing ecosystem projects, nature-like technologies and other nature-based solutions that contribute several Sustainable Development Goals at the same time.[…]

    Draft Decree of the President of the Russian Federation “On the Strategy for the development of nature-like (convergent) technologies” (June 14, 2022) …->

  4. John Francis says:

    sure missing the wisdom of greta and her parents.
    plus methane from their 2 big dogs.

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