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“the most extreme event in US climatic history”

Someone who has me blocked on Twitter says pleasant weather in the Midwest this week is the most extreme event in US climatic history.

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Screaming Climate Misinformation

“We might hit 70F in Michigan today, and that screams CLIMATE CHANGE in all caps” During the heatwave of February 23-March 9, 2000, Mt. Clemens, Michigan reached 71F on February 26 and 80F on March 8

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Real Climate Science

Government agencies tampering with climate data has made legitimate climate science difficult to find. In this short video we bypass the propaganda and do some real climate science.  

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Real Climate Science

NOAA and NASA temperature graphs aren’t useful for science, because the data has been altered. Climate at a Glance | Statewide Time Series | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) In order to do legitimate science, it is necessary to … Continue reading

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