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Ten Years Since The End Of Snow

The New York Times announced the end of snow ten years ago this week Opinion | The End of Snow? – The New York Times Accumulated Snowfall (GFS 10-dayforecast)

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The Peaceful, Tolerant And Intellectual Left

“leftists firebombed my office last Saturday night. At around 2 am, they broke into the building that houses Center of the American Experiment and two other conservative organizations with which we often collaborate, along with many other businesses.” They Firebombed … Continue reading

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“fairytale” thinking about net zero.”

“Energy bills must rise to pay for net zero, says Siemens Energy boss Interview: Joe Kaeser says ‘a lot of big mouths but little action’ pushing ‘wind turbine makers into the red The German boss of Britain’s biggest wind turbine … Continue reading

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Another Dead Canary

Alaska used to be the canary in the global boiling coal mine, but now they are having record cold and snow. With regard to climate change, is Alaska the canary in the coal mine? “ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Much of … Continue reading

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