Far Right Climate Deniers In Wyoming

“Sen. Cheri Steinmetz (R-Lingle), who brought Senate File 1 amendment 1S-3041 to defund the programs, discounts the need to curb greenhouse gas emissions and has openly opposed notions that Wyoming must produce lower-carbon energy. She convened a controversial climate denial hearing in February as chair of the Senate Agriculture, State and Public Lands & Water Resources Committee.

The primary message of the Feb. 13 hearing was the long-disproven falsehood that human-caused greenhouse gas emissions are not a major contributor to climate change or a threat to humans and the environment. Steinmetz organized the hearing amid growing criticism from the far right of the governor’s vocal efforts to make Wyoming carbon-negative.

House, Senate square off over funding for Gordon’s energy strategy – Cheyenne, WY Cap City News

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7 Responses to Far Right Climate Deniers In Wyoming

  1. Bob G says:

    I’m a far right climate denier. breaking news… Minneapolis just set an all-time record for the earliest 70° day, by a few days. the temperature is taken at the airport and the new record is 73. it’s the end of the world as we know it… or is it? it was 73° for about a minute. it was 70 or above for about an hour. it’s already dropped to 68. I’m about 30 miles north of Minneapolis and I think our high was 65 and that was an hour and 20 minutes ago and the temperature has now dropped to 55. wow. that CO2 sure is messing with us! I’m still a far right climate denier.

    • Disillusioned says:

      The modern weather station is best situated in an urban heat island, preferably close to airport runways, aprons, buildings with flat built-up roofs and multi-lane highways for the best temperature reading possible. So, if you have a weather station 30 miles away from the urban heat island, your station’s readings may require adjustment through homogenization – an accuracy bias elimination process sanctioned by the Ministry of Truth.

  2. Bob G says:

    3 hours after setting the 73 degree record at the Minneapolis airport the temperature there has already dropped to 50. how is it that the 23° change in temperature in 3 hours is no big deal but a one or two degree change in over 120 years is a big deal? I grew up by that airport and I can tell you it’s far busier now than it was when I was a kid

  3. spren says:

    Why should anyone reduce their GHGs? And when was the fact that human GHGs are not a major factor in climate change DISPROVEN? It never has been disproven and the only ones claiming it has been are the left-wing frauds who think if they keep repeating this lie that somehow it will become true.

  4. When we look at the people the MSM describe as ‘right wing extremists’, you know, people like the Canadian truckers, it appears to mean ‘moderates as observed by left wing loonies’.

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