Australian Climate Action

The Australian Climate Council says if Australia doesn’t partake in “climate action,” Alice Springs will have 42 more days per year over 35C.


Alice Springs has about the same number of 35C days now as they did during the 1880s

Australia could drop off the map and it would have no impact on the the growth of atmospheric CO2.

Annual CO? emissions


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5 Responses to Australian Climate Action

  1. Ulric Lyons says:

    Notice that the higher temperatures in the late 1800’s and since the mid 1990’s, are both during centennial solar minima.

  2. czechlist says:

    Anyone paying attention to the Beaufort Gyre?
    Some places are doubling their risks by ignoring the possibility of global cooling.
    They’ll be begging for “fossil fuels”

  3. Iggie says:

    The Aust BoM has been adjusting temps for years. Both 2001 and 2011 were originally below the average mean – but with a little fiddle here and a little fiddle there, both are no longer. It really needs a full investigation.

  4. Francis Barnett says:

    “BoM withdraws advice Alice Springs recorded its hottest day ever, blames faulty thermometer.

    The ABC was told on Tuesday night the temperature at Alice Springs airport reached 46 degrees Celsius at 3:21pm

    “We have some mercury and glass thermometers that did not show that spike to 46C.

    “They showed the maximum temperature yesterday to be only 41.5C.”

    Hmmm – 46 C down to 41.5 C true – How long was the faulty termperature sensor sending “enhanced” readings I wonder?

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