Academics For Genocide

“How many people did Genghis Khan kill? So many that it was good for the environment

The genocide had major consequences for the entire planet.

Genghis Khan might have been the greenest invader of all time. His bloody conquests killed tens of millions of people. But at the same time, he killed so many people that in the path of his invasion, huge swathes of cultivated land returned to forests, eliminating a huge amount of carbon from the atmosphere.

Genghis Khan’s legacy still haunts mankind to this day.
When some 600 years after your lifetime, people don’t refer to you by your real name, but by a name meaning “Supreme Ruler” (which is what “Genghis Khan” means), you’ve done some things in life.

In just a lifetime, Genghis Khan created the largest empire that ever was — larger than what the Romans did in centuries. As you might guess, he didn’t accomplish this through peaceful negotiation and smooth diplomacy — Genghis Khan was a conqueror by force.

The wars led in his name killed some 40 million people (about 10% of the world’s population at the time)! But, as a new study showed, these bloody conquests helped the environment, removing nearly 700 million tons of carbon from the atmosphere.

While the Mongol ruler wasn’t even thinking about it, he was causing the first man-made global cooling.”

How many people did Genghis Khan kill? So many that it was good for the environment

Same story as a century ago.

The Second International Congress of Eugenics Address of Welcome

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32 Responses to Academics For Genocide

  1. Crispin Pemberton-Pigott says:

    When Ghengis (Chinggis) Khan tried to conquer China (an enterprise in which he was only partly successful) he is reputed to have killed 20m farmers because he considered farming a waste of good grazing land.

    Something very different between his day and ours is that he was very tolerant of all religious belief systems. There was no “river to the sea” stuff in those days. He usually killed everyone who resisted taller than a wagon wheel and raised the young ones in the new culture. Only artisans and translators were exempted and put to work.

    A leader in feminism, he left his entire empire in the hands of 8 daughters by means of appointing their husbands nominally to the governorships, after which their daughters were the powers behind the thrones. That series of women prevented war and division for just over 100 years, somethin erased from history when the men regained control. It is recorded in the rediscovered writings presented in the book “The Secret History of Mongolia”. In later life he became deeply philosophical and also directed the creation of a form of writing that could capture the Mongolian language which is still in use. It looks a bit like Arabic written sideways.

    Fascinating place.

  2. arn says:

    I wonder if he’d still had his job if he’d write the same about Hitler?
    If it ‘d be about Stalin he’d probably get a job at NYT for life.

    But there are several ‘funny’ things
    a ) we learn that , no matter how low the earth population is, it is always too much for the Malthusians
    and there is always reason to celebrate genocide.

    b) logic and numbers don’t seem to be on his side.
    There was neither any relevant decrease of co2 after the massacres (just the typical 280ppm tiny ups and downs)nor was there any other Genius who tried to apply the same logic to the massive losses of WW1+2 ,the spanish flue and communism combined that were 4-5 higher.
    It also seems that, while Dschinghis Khans was so impactful on climate, the Dschinghis Khaning of native Americans by Europeans and of real indians by Dschinghis Khans muslim brothers with identical numbers had no impact.
    And for some odd reasons the Little Ice Age ended with the US civil war and Taiping Rebellion (30 mio victims) and before that Napoleon did a pretty good job too – seems genocide related Co2 removal also leads to global warming.

    He also does not bother to explain why the Minoan / Roman
    warm periods ended(or began) – as result of natural cycles ( just as with the Medieval Warm Period)
    The control knob of > 350 ppm seems to have always been dysfunctional at best

    c ) 40 mio is less than earths population growth in 6 month,
    And barely more than 1 % of earths population growth of the last 4 decades.
    If huge numbers of 3 billion can barely lead to 1.5 degrees of fakest warming (the number can not be higher as we try to limit the warming to this level to save the planet with a tax) – how could the Kahn start the little ice age with a lousy 40 mio? – and this ice age was limited to the northern hemisphere.Co2 did not get the cooling message down under.

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      I think your argument: CO2 in the atmosphere did not change after the massacres, is the best one. One could argue that there should have been a dip in the CO2 in the atmosphere, after the Little Ice Age began, as the oceans should have had more capacity to absorb it. Whereas, if killing people brought on the LIA, then we should see the dip in CO2, immediately after Khan’s rule. Do we see either? Also if a drop in farming causes CO2 to withdraw from the atmosphere, then the LIA should have been self-perpetuating, as plague, cold, and war were a continuing product of it, and farming therefore in a continuously steady or decreasing state. Fagan, author of the LIA book, says that some land that was abandoned in the early part of the LIA, remained so into modern times.

      • arn says:

        The LIA was not self perpetuating for the same reason co2 warming isn’ t – the greenhouse gas runaway effect never happened and never will, as it’d have already happened long ago – especially on a planet covered with 70% liquid greenhouse gas, where any increased evaporation would sent us into trouble.

        Another ‘ problem’ with the dschinghis khan genocide theory is that a way bigger “genocide” that had 0 impact.
        I avoided to mention it as I’d have trouble to frame it the right way.
        Remember the massive Buffalo killing in the USA – there are claims that up to 150 mio lived in the USA (I call this leftie guilt – propaganda BS, nut I read this in my schoolbook).
        Killing 4 times more of a species that weighs 4 x more than a human should have had a 16x bigger effect,
        as such animals need way more space and land than humans.
        Yet all the land that was no longer trampled down and all the trees and other plants that could then freely grow , did make no difference at all for climate – in fact it had the opposite effect of Dschinghis Khan.
        Buffalo killing endet the ice age 🙂

  3. Laurie says:

    That’s the mentality … now.

  4. The general public is waking up to the fact that the climate hoax is motivated by discredited Malthusian ideas of population control, which is why the perpetrators are doubling down, even to the point of falsifying data, in order to escape the wrath of the masses. Their greatest evil is the complete collapse of public respect for science, which does not bode well for a technological society. Of course, science must be destroyed for it is the spanner in the Malthusian works, and the reason why prosperity increases, rather than decreases, with population size (as the historical facts clearly show).

    • Disillusioned says:

      The general public is waking up to the fact that the climate hoax is motivated by discredited Malthusian ideas of population control,….

      Gordon, I wish you were right about that. I think you are ahead of schedule, projecting your (our) understanding of the great Agenda behind the Climate Scam onto the general public. I think most have no clue; they cannot fathom a global government of elite oligarchs today attempting to rid the planet of the useless eaters.–1QeoDAM

      • The depopulation message is taking hold, but unfortunately the public is rejecting all science, not just the junk science of AGW. The result is they will now believe any crap, provided it doesn’t emerge from government agencies or the mainstream media.

  5. D. Boss says:

    The carbon they want to eliminate is YOU! And the greens have already surpassed Genghis Kahn’s legacy by killing as many as Hitler, Stalin and Mao combined:

  6. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Does the person who wrote this article have a brain? I guess the idea is that Genghis Khan caused the Little Ice Age? Khan’s massacres would roughly have occurred a hundred years before the Little Ice Age and the LIA ended some 600 hundred years later. So he killed enough people that he forestalled the population for 600 years! Clearly this whole story stems from the fact that they can’t get rid of the LIA nor the Medieval Warm Period, so they have to tie it to their CO2 warming mechanism, and it is brilliant to make Genghis Khan the victim of their ploy, with this scam of marginal believability.
    First, they have become fanatics about taking CO2 out of the atmosphere and calling that good, even if the effect is a mini-Ice Age. So is their goal now to cause a tremendous Ice Age?
    Second, I can’t do the chemical balance, but I have to believe that, over the long haul, forest, prairie, etc. do not sequester CO2 much differently than farmed land. Maybe less. One can argue that farmed land takes CO2 out and turns it into shit that goes into the soil. Forest take it out, and turn it into firewood ( I mean natural wildfires) , which returns it immediately to the air, much as true carbon. After a hundred years, I’m not sure there is any difference, but they are going to try to marshal the narrative to say that it does. I think it is a false correlation.
    Third, even though Genghis Khan killed a lot of people, I have never heard that the estimate was 10% of the world’s population, or 40 million people. In fact, I read long ago that he systematically killed whole cities to terrorize the remaining cities into being submissive. It wasn’t much good for any emperor to wipe out the wealth production capacity. By these standards, we should have caused global cooling, in the 20th Century with WW1 and WW2, and also in the 1700th Century, with the 30 Years War. So someone has come up with the idea that population reduction is the key to cooling the Earth. The Earth has a fever and must be cooled into the comatose state of an Ice Age. And they wrote a paper. There are a lot of papers about the Knights Templar and Ancient Aliens, too.

  7. Conrad Ziefle says:

    I’m even further infuriated by this article. If the “useless” eaters are removed, where will the next geniuses come from? Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and even Bill Gates were not children of the aristocracy. The most wealthy and successful people of today arose from the “Useless eaters”. Would you look to King Charles for invention or discovery of any kind? The children of aristocracy, important political leaders, and even top intellects, generally never have, and are not now, the creators of new discoveries and systems of social benefit. If you want to off “useless” consumers, start with their own children.

    • arn says:

      Well, they seem to have come to the conclusion that a > 500 mio earth population would be enough to produce the desired number of Superbrain.

      Especially when they control everything and all aspects of a domain – which they will when they are powerful enough to cull 93% of Earth population.
      With an efficient scouting system and advanced fostering they will compensate most losses.
      + the situation won’t be so much different than in the 1950ies where most scientific progress happened in the USA and some parts of Europe,
      with a combined population that was not so much above 500 mio.

      And even if they fail and progress is reduced by 90 % – noone will realise.

      We already live in an era of complete ignorance with access to informations,
      yet many people do not realise how everything is being destroyed in front of their.All the wars,the climate lies and failed predictiosn.
      How can people who have been indoctrinated from day 1 with no access to real data realise that the number of geniuses went massively down .
      They won’t be able ,
      and the elites won’t care as they will get used to it as any kind of progress is relativ –
      if something like Moores law would be 400 % slower than it actually is, we would simply accept it as standard.

      And eventually the guys at the top will simply recycle the quote that has been attributed to the Boss of the US patent office Duell 120 years ago.

      ” Everything that can be invented has been invented “

    • arn says:

      You have given the answer to this problem by yourself 🙂

      By using Musk,Gates and Jobs as example.
      They all succeeded in a 350 mio people country (though Musk is African American 🙂

      So such a limited pool of people can still deliver enough excellence.

      • Conrad Ziefle says:

        But their mode of depopulation will not attempt to sort. Possibly it will sort the bothersome, i.e. the intelligent.

      • It is impossible to predict a priori which of the individuals will be exceptionally talented, any more than it is possible to know beforehand that one has purchased the winning lottery ticket. However, the larger the population, the greater the probability of genius.

        • arn says:

          I do not know if this is always true.

          The probably smartest guy on earth – a boy who qualified for Harvard at the age of 9 ,
          was an experiment.
          A drone systematically trained by his psychopa… psychologist parents from a very early age.
          He turned out to be pretty much useless as grown up and never invented anything and was only good at collecting streetcar tickets – nonetheless he can be called a Genius.

          The same with the highest ranked female chessplayer ever.
          She and her sisters dominated female chess , because her daddy wanted to proof that it is possible to create very smart people with the right system and training and drilled them from an early age.

          Now I do not know how huge the failure rate is or wether the elites will follow this approach and enhance it with drugs and their transhumanism stuff or wether they think that AI will do the Job (master of clairvoyance Jeffrey Epstein who is the father of modern ‘philanthropic’ foundations ( Clinton,Gates) and Lobbyism by sexblackmail, was heavily into AI way before it became mainstream, trying to find ways to use the intellectual output from poor children in the west Indies – so there is a significant chance that the elites will follow the AI approach )

      • Francis Barnett says:

        Musky is not African-American.
        The Musk family is a wealthy family of South African origin that is largely active in the United States and Canada. The Musks are of English, Anglo-Canadian, Pennsylvania Dutch, and Swiss descent.

        • Conrad Ziefle says:

          He was born there, yes or no? This, “who is a native” game, goes way back, all over the world. You could even take it back to the invasion of Europe, Neanderthal territory, by modern man. Why don’t we just put our faith in our god, Darwin, and call it survival of the fittest?

        • arn says:

          Musk born in South Africa , which may be African going by the name = African

          Musk got US citizenship = American

          African + American = African American

    • arn says:

      Well, you can even target population by IQ and education to a certain degree.
      eg – you give different batches of vaccines,
      defined by time and country, to the people.

      Let’s say Japan and South Korea with a high intellectual output and IQ .

      The vaccines given to them are harmless while the rest of the world gets sterilized with the first shot.

      Than you repeat the trich and give those in Japan and Korea 2 different batches during the 2nd round of vaccines.
      1 batch is the booster = harmless
      the 2nd one is to sterilize those who were not submissive enough to get the shot instantly.

      Et voila – you have smart and docile people.

      And btw – the elites absolutely do not care if there are enough smart people left (they obviously solved this problem or consider it irrelevant).
      Otherwise they wouldn’t try so hard to dumb us down wherever they can.
      (and I know about plans that are at least 120 years old, from very high ranked people to dumb dowm specific ethnicities on purpose.
      And Pasolini , the director of Italians eyes wide shut 120 days of Sodom, already complained about the fact that they are turning education into a joke 50 years ago )

      I recently also watched a clip where a group of 4 college students (3 girls 1 boy) was asked how much 4 x15 is.
      Their first answer was 23. , then it took them almost 20 seconds ,after wild guesses to agree(=power of consensus) to 48 as correct result.

      I bet you will not find four 10 year olds in Japan among 100 pupil who won’t know the correct answer.
      But in the USA grown ups are not able to solve such a simple task – because they are not even aware of simple basics : that a multiple of 5 can only have 0 or 5 as last digit.

      Such a thing can only happen by design, especially in a country with an impressive output in science and patents etc.

      • Conrad Ziefle says:

        Were they all equality studies students?

        • arn says:

          Most probably Yes , as only the modern domains (= BS that did not exist in history of mankind and was recentlyinvented in the USA , then tested in California,then forced down the throat of Americans, later onto the rest of the west and now unleashed onto the rest of the world)produce so much incompetence in such high quantities.

          My parents have only a handful of years of education but can tell you the correct result without problems ,
          which means the dumbing down is by design.

        • Since real science is apparently racists and sexist, because white males tend to performer slightly better than other demographics, it must be stamped out at all costs, to be replaced with gender studies and other branches of applied conjecture.

  8. Disillusioned says:

    I don’t suppose Mihal Andrel has considered adding to the salvation of our doomed planet and donating his carbon life form to science.

  9. Gerald Machnee says:

    The elite and our governments are competing with Khan. They have got rid of 10 to 20 million with the “experimental gene therapy” disguised as a “vaccine”.

  10. Jack the Insider says:

    And on a connected note from Sydney University.

    Maths is racist, apparently
    Sydney University has announced that from 2025 dozens of course will no longer require HSC advanced mathematics for entry.

    The university this week announced the shocking changes which included medical, dental and even mathematics courses.


    • arn says:

      Fighting non existent institutional racism with institutional racism and deliberate dumbing down(disguised as better accessibility) is almost as bizarre as the fact that Australia is following the exact same perverted and destructive way the USA is going.
      Seems all 5 eyes countries are run by the same people.

      And especially the lows that will be reached with ” the same level of mathematic”” this time will be extreme,
      considering that traditional Aboriginal math does not go beyond 5 and higher numbers usually derived from English (though the usual suspect have already started their typical historical revisionism in this case)

      • Conrad Ziefle says:

        Do they expect the natives to do better than the average white person? People who cannot manage math should not be admitted to a curriculum that is based on advanced math. This is insanity, otherwise known as Marxism.
        I wonder what percent of their country is made up of native people? Why are they changing a successful structure in order to accommodate a tiny minority? And oddly, by doing so, they damage the entire structure, populating it with unskillful thinkers, which damages the most vulnerable minority, the natives, the most.

        • arn says:

          DESTRUCTION is the reason for those changes.

          The Frankfurt School declared the west and the church as only relevant threat to global Marxism.

          In 1967 the Club of Rome was created with the aim to dest… deindustrialize the west.
          (and the Vatican 2 council of the gay pope that completely watered down catholicism).
          And let’s not forget the hippie movement and the CiA -Mafia drug smuggling(air America etc)
          that happened around the same when the welfare was introduced ( we know very well how this ended (for) the black communities).

          In between ( iirc 1953) former top US communist revealed that they have sent out 1100 agents to infiltrate the catholic church and she said that she met with high ranked vatican bishops who were not catholic but Marxist proxies (they usually used gays for such jobs as the USSR did with their Kompromats in the west).
          This is why I predicted day 1 Bergoglio entered Vatican that the saying ” Is the pope catholic ” will no longer be rhetoric.
          Bergoglio was called a traitor by 2 of his fellow Jesuits and he was good friends with US installed Junta leaders like Videla (no contradiction here – Bergoglio went the same way as Biden.
          Both went from KKK/ Junta lovers who sided with anti – socialists element to commie LGBT bullshitters.)

          It is also important to know that members of the Frankfurt School ended up in Hollywood, (of course)New York ,Columbia University and as members of the predecessor of the CiA.

          And on top of all – the cloward piven strategy (around 1968 ). A strategy to bancrupt the USA with mass immigration (deja vu?)to introduce a general basic
          income for all citizen.

          We also need to take a look at Mao who was the only commie to openly admitt to the real strategy =
          the destruction of the 4 olds (traditional culture,habits,Ideas,Customs) and to replace them with new commie ones.

          Not much has changed as even the current perversion was part of the Frankfurt School plans ( polymorphic perversion – and infantilism is integral part of it).
          – the only new thing to the mix is transhumanism,
          but I have yet not found the motivation for this.

        • Jack the Insider says:

          I’m an engineer and i excelled in math at high school level but must admit struggling with it when i reached University level. Luckily i only had to do it in the first year of a 4-year graduate degree. Did i need high level math in my career? Absolutely not, all that was needed was firm understanding of basic math. But what having higher math as an entry level requirement does is weed out the useless who should not be virtue signaled into important jobs. God help us all when bridges and buildings start collapsing through shoddy design done by incompetent persons passed to meet non-white, non-Christian, non-male quotas.

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