Homophobic Gas

Carbon dioxide is targeting same-sex couples.

Climate Change Risk for LGBT People in the United States – Williams Institute

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12 Responses to Homophobic Gas

  1. maixiu says:

    Second look at global warming??

  2. Margaret Smith says:

    Just when you think the bottom of the barrel has been thoroughly scraped, they come up with something even more absurd.
    I await the next revelation with bated breath…

  3. arn says:

    Now I like co2 even more, though,

    Considering how much the LGBTQBS has been rising alongside the increase of co2 in the west it must be the gayest molecule that ever existed.

    Funny thing btw – I’m pretty sure to have read that co2 is also attacking black people.
    Which means that the almighty co2 is always attacking those groups that are considered worthy minorities by the oligarchy to be the front of the artificial class struggle they created.

    But now lets counter this BS which is as fake as co2 related warming with Data from the MSM:

    “Gay couples have the highest incomes.”
    CBS 11/10/2019
    (they also have the highest rate of domestic violence and pedophilia )

  4. Yammobethere says:

    “LGBT people in same-sex couple households disproportionately live in coastal areas and cities.”
    – Well, the coasts and cities are where you find a disproportionate amount of Liberals and Democrats, too. It’s those things that make you go Hmmmmm…..

    “LGBT people are more likely to live in areas with poor infrastructure, worse-built environments, and fewer resources.”
    – Either this line negates the one before it (regarding cities), or this report is also confirming the horrific and unliveable state of Americas urban centers.

    “Counties with a higher proportion of same-sex couples are more vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change.”
    – This sentence is interesting and can be interpreted multiple ways. Is climate change brought on by higher same-sex couple proportions? Would dispersing the same-sex couples equidistantly throughout the counties of America be a helpful exercise? And I thought the only effects of climate change were of the ‘adverse’ kind. Perhaps there are beneficial effects to a warmer, more CO2-enriched environment?


    • arn says:

      The fact that the special interest woke believers live in coastal areas is pretty much prove that they believe in global warming as much as their rich leaders with front beach mansions and private jets.

      Same irrational behavior can be observed with black people.
      As soon as their living standards improve they move to a white neighborhood – even BLM scam…leaders did so.

  5. Conrad Ziefle says:

    If CO2 is against minorities, then would they thrive in a CO2 depleted environment? From my experience gayness, and transness correlate to wealth, most likely derived from parents, but sometimes earned.

  6. Climate ‘deniers’ are all right wing whit supremacists, don’t you know, so must be subject to the usual litany; racist, homophobic, misogynist … Who believes this rubbish?

  7. dm says:

    “WHERE’s THE SCIENCE?” Clara Pella wants to know? #MeToo;-}

  8. Richard E Fritz says:

    like Climate change cult the LBGT suffers from mental health issues – no other mammals in the world want to NOT HAVE Sex with XY and XX to reproduce

  9. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Are minorities and global climate change the hot bed for theses for advanced degrees these days? Probably, since the Marxists have openly taken over of the universities. I used to think that Marxism was about the redistribution of wealth, but now it seems that was just a small part of it, used to get the lazy, stupid, and evil to join the movement. Marxism is all about fantasy and the unreal, among which the redistribution of wealth is one minor element. It is interesting that the Marxists were all about pragmaticism, shunning religion as the opiate of the folks, and claiming Darwinism, but rejecting social Darwinism, because it railed again the dumb and lazy, their constituents. Now there is a movement among them to reject Darwinism outright. They no longer need it as a tool against religion, and they no longer have to hide under the cloak of pragmaticism, and can openly reject logic and rational systems and propagate totally fantastic beliefs.

  10. MLH says:

    “LGBT people are more likely to live in areas with poor infrastructure worse-built environments, and fewer resources.”

    The statement suggests that this particular crowd has a habit of making poor lifestyle choices.

  11. Dan A Sinema says:

    The only constant is that the predictions of the global warmers never actually occur.

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