Mainstream Fascism In Academia

In 1970, AAAS and Science Magazine called for forced sterilization of women.

“It should be easy to limit a woman’s reproduction by sterilizing her at the birth of her nth child.

The “right” to breed implies ownership of children. This concept is no longer tenable”

Parenthood: Right or Privilege? | Science

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3 Responses to Mainstream Fascism In Academia

  1. Laurie says:

    Yes, it is precisely that, fascism.

  2. Robertvd says:

    Academia is mostly Left wing so Communist/Socialist/Fascist/Nazi/ or whatever name you give these party controlled dictatorships.

  3. Timo, not that one! says:

    Now they are doing the coerced sterilization of children.
    I suppose this demonstrates how propaganda can make people support governments commiting atrocities.

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