Rapid Climate Change

The seamless transition from global cooling to global warming fearmongering was rather impressive.

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10 Responses to Rapid Climate Change

  1. Stan Grove says:

    A quantity whose name brings delight to every physics undergraduate is the third derivative of position over time, i.e. the rate of change of acceleration, which latter is a change in velocity. The technical name for this quantity being “jerk,” it seems not entirely inappropriate that the “change in climate change” hysteria over time should likewise be associated with jerks.

  2. How clever of carbon dioxide to know how to re-radiate its absorbed energy preferentially downwards. Tell me, what is the reflectivity of CO2 at 10 microns? Unless gases are ionized. their reflectivity is negligible. The ‘greenhouse effect’ arises entirely from sloppy energy accounting, which can be given credibility among the gullible by coding it into computer models. Reality obeys the physics, which is why it disagrees with the models. The consensus appears to be that the models are right and reality is wrong..

    • arn says:

      The greenhouse effecr arises by simply ignoring the difference between a solid isolated cube and gas –
      to them the difference between glas and gas is barely more than an L .

  3. arn says:

    Climate went the same way Saddam Hussein did.
    Once greatest ally in Persia , so great that the US helped him targeting Iranians ( those who lost their elected leader Mossadeq as result of US intervention)with chemical gas ,while some years later he was attacked by the US for owning chemical gas he no longer had.

    A similar shift when everything was turned upside/down happened with Covid where existing standards were ignored or rewritten to serve the agenda.

    Only the US(+UK) have the power to redefine realities whenever it suits them.
    Be it science,politics,medicine,contracts or whatever they consider democracy or rule based order.

    PS –
    The phrase we are being permanently terrorized with seems to have been essential part of their propaganda as can be heard at 2 : 40 :
    ” the great sheets of are melting at a MUCH MORE RAPID RATE THAN PREVIOUSLY ”

    Now ,despite the 2* ,3 * faster rates of rapid melting – why is there still any ice left?

  4. dm says:

    To slow the increase in atmospheric CO2, REMOVE catalytic converters from cars & trucks;-}

  5. Russell Cook says:

    Huh. 1982 for Al Gore to first start spewing his schpiel about global warming. I’d thought for the longest time he first started on that in 1988 in conjunction with the summer ’88 Senate testimony of NASA’s James Hanson, but as I detailed in my guest post at WUWT ( https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/04/22/for-earth-day-the-1983-wgbh-episode-of-nova-the-climate-crisis-the-greenhouse-effect/ — scroll down after the video there) , I was not aware of Gore’s earlier appearance in what looked like little more than a production number scripted by Stephen Schneider in 1983.

    Listen again at the 3:55 point of Tony’s video in his post here today, it sure sounds like Al Gore had his foregone conclusion plan already in place on the settled science of AGW in 1982. ‘Do more research on what the alarms are from these scientists, and everyone will know how serious the problem is.’

    • Great post: Chicken Little meets the Boy who cried ‘Wolf’

    • The 1983 documentary is like listening to the pontifications of the flat earthers.

      At equilibrium gases absorb and re-radiate in equal amounts. The contrary statement contravenes the Law of Conservation of Energy. Greenhouses do not work by ‘trapping’ heat (try catching sunbeams in a bucket), but by suppression of convection. This rubbish science is taught as fact, but ii is no more than folklore and thought habit. The protagonists do not even appear to know the difference between energy and power.

  6. Bob G says:

    a new story in the news says that Venezuela has lost all its glaciers. that was news to me because I didn’t know they had any glaciers but they do have a mountain that’s 16,000 ft so that’s probably where the small glaciers were. a couple clicks of the mouse will show you that Venezuelan glaciers have been losing their ice at a steady pace since they were first measured in 1910. there weren’t many cars or coal fired power plants in 1911, yet they lost ice from the year before. no doubt those Venezuelan glaciers are remnants from the little ice age. sad that it isn’t reported that way.

    • Mike says:

      Back than it was Donkey farts ? causing the glaciers to melt ?????
      That Big Ball of multimillion degree plasma we can call Sol, the Sun, is the Heat Boss not Pipsqueak Mankind.

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