Too Hot To Live

The press says Arizona has become too hot for people to live.

Meanwhile it is still snowing on May 11 and people are still skiing.

Weather, Conditions & Webcams – Arizona Snowbowl

Maricopa County (Phoenix) is the fastest growing county in the US.

Growth in the Nation’s Largest Counties Rebounds in 2022

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4 Responses to Too Hot To Live

  1. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Soon, the US House representative districts will shift as well.

  2. spren says:

    “Experts say people seem to prefer heat over snow!”
    WOW. Where did they manage to find these experts?

    Leftists love to talk about evolution. The only thing evolving is our technical prowess. The information age has done nothing but make people dumber. Climate change cultists are the dumbest lifeforms walking upright on the planet and are actually nothing more than aberrant mutations of humanity.

  3. Richard E Fritz says:

    Forget ALL California residents- YOU KEEP you dumb asssssses in CA and pay & Suffer for voting in morons and those who didnt work hard enough to kick out the trash like Gavin – Boxer and Feinstien

  4. Mike says:

    Could you imagine these Children living without AIR CONDITIONING in the 40’s???

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