Color Or Monochrome?

The original version of Dr. Strangelove was funny

“Stanley Kubrick’s 1964 film Dr. Strangelove is a black comedy that ends with the world being completely destroyed in a nuclear war. Many aspects of the film might seem absurd, but according to Daniel Ellsberg, who worked as a nuclear war planner in the 1960s, it’s actually pretty close to reality.”

‘Dr. Strangelove’ Is Basically a Documentary | WIRED

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20 Responses to Color Or Monochrome?

  1. Gamecock says:

    WEF et al want human population reduced by 7.5 billion.

    Global nuclear war will give that to them.

    WEF has to know that. There are communist factions in the U.S. who know that. Things like pushing to get Ukraine in NATO, and other provocations of the Russians, appear to be deliberate attempts to kill the West, their century old objective.

    Yes, there are some Americans who are just fine with nuclear war. They want it.

    • William says:

      Most ‘Muricans are oblivious to world events beyond their borders. The “Doomsday Clock” is now at 90 seconds to midnight but I haven’t seen this reported in the “news”. Although there are many in the war pig establishment who retain a 1960’s cold war mentality in which a nuclear war is “winnable” I’m not certain it’s in the cards. When the WEFers , foot soldiers of the real “elites” who aspire to be gods, emerge from their deep bunkers they don’t want the world they now own to be a smoldering radioactive ruin. Their depop agenda is being operationalized via the “genocide that dare not speak its name”, evidenced by every 20-something athlete who dies suddenly and unexpectedly of cardiac arrest, by rapidly declining sperm counts and sperm motility, “net zero” birthrates and an astonishing 3 year decline in average life expectancy in the US between 2019 and the present. Yes, the “West” is done. Events were set in motion and now it is committing suicide. The threat of nuclear war may be a head fake or maybe “they” think they can contain it. Just speculation, obviously I don’t know

  2. Disillusioned says:

    Monochrome please. I don’t think I could stand to watch it in Living Color.

  3. Michael Abbott says:

    This is probably my all time favourite film. I remember going to the cinema with a group of teenage friends when it first can out. We were in stitches at some of characterisations and Sellers was brilliant. War was never far away at the time and the situation today seems as dangerous but it ain’t funny this time.

    • Pureblood says:

      No it is not. Biden has the World teetering on the edge of Nuke war but most are ignorant of why. Trump knew and that is why he pushed us way back from the edge. Dead people cat breed or make money so Trump tried a different way…Commerce between Russia and the world instead of US vs RUSSIA. But Biden and his DEI Children think they know what is best. Arm up, stock up, buy Iodine pills and be ready for the worst.

  4. arn says:

    Todays version is way more bizarre than the movie.

    A comedian and his lawyer friend, both with 0 experience, are running a country,
    and are treated like the second coming of christ by all other western leaders, only waiting for him to ask them for billions so they can throw money after him.

    Then there is the neutral Swiss, which is not neutral but the third bastion of globalism and war as relevant globalist organisations not located in the Anglo Saxon zone are there.

    Then there is the peace summit where only one warparty is allowed to participate – the losing party.
    The logic here msy be : if the beggar can chose what ever he wants from the west,
    than the loser can define the conditions for peace.
    Then there are all these countries who sabotaged a peace agreement 2 years ago just as they sabotaged the previous ( Minsk) agreements and only used them as cover to arm their war party.

    And then again there is this comedian who has shut down opposing media and political parties, who broke all his campaign promises and did the exact opposit of what he had promised and who runs a bunch of CiA trained Nazis(while at the same time accusing his enemies of nazism) who were organized and paid by the same Oligarch who produced the show that helped the comedian become president.

    This plot is way crazier than the movie.

    Iirc Kubrick, who made a very controversial political comment to scriptwriter Esztherhaz( who still can not believe what he heard),that will get one banned on every platform,
    got visit from the CiA during the making of this movie ( or was it 2001?).
    I wonder why he was visited by them instead of Mi5/ 6 as he left the USA years before this british movie was made?

    • Pureblood says:

      And the Comedian has help from President Dementia and our BILLIONS in free money. Z is now a rich man and his Wife lives in a third country at their estate. I hate Biden and NAZI’s…

  5. spren says:

    I can still see Slim Pickens straddling the A-bomb as it is released from the bomb bay and swinging his cowboy hat to the side as he rides it down to his doom.

    And the caption comes on the screen at the end of the movie “How I learned to quit worrying and love the bomb!” And nobody around any more even close to as talented and funny as Peter Sellers.

    • I thought Col Bat Gauno’s prioritizing the protecting the property of the Coca Cola Company over preventing global thermonuclear war. Rather prescient, as it turn’s out.

  6. Russell Cook says:

    I have an acquaintance who likes to quote from some other movie, a science fiction one I never saw and can’t name, in which there’s a funny scene of a police car chase where the cops all suddenly stop because the meters in their cars indicate the chase has just gone over budget. The real life question is when does the U.S. stop whatever it is we’re trying to pursue because the Ukraine war has gone over budget?

  7. toorightmate says:

    Thank goodness there are no hangers-on in Switzerland!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I find it strange that the ‘path to peace and security’ is not to seek dialogue with the Russians, but to escalate the conflict. Targeting this assembly with a Kinzahl missile would probably be the most direct path to peace, by wiping out the war mongers at one go.

    • arn says:

      I’ve got the same idea for the Bilderberg and Davos meetings.

      Thing is that the path to peace and security is,in typical orwellian style, the path to global domination and whatever it is in its way shall be removed.
      There are old plans ,not to only remove Putin, but to balkanize Russia
      in several smaller people and the guys behind this peace and security proposal are the ones who have started provoking Russia by neverending expansion of NATO towards Russia though they promised 32 years ago not to colonize eastern countries that way – as if EU colonization isn’t already bad enough..

    • Robertvd says:

      No these are just puppets. You just replace them with other puppets and the show can go on.

  9. Paul Marks says:

    I condemn Mr Putin’s invasion of Ukraine – but how can there be a “peace conference” where only one side is invited, and where of the “100 countries” only representatives of those countries that have already agreed to the predetermined results of the “peace conference” are allowed to speak?

    As for Mark Rutte – he lost the election in the Netherlands last year, how can he still be Prime Minister against the will of the Dutch people?

    I can remember when Switzerland was a neutral country – now it is a puppet of the “international community” closing down banks when Washington tells it to (years ago now), and taking sides in a war in which Switzerland is not a party by imposing sanctions on one side, but not the other side. And, of course, imposing a “Carbon Tax” – just as next door Austria did. When the “international community” says “jump” once independent countries now say “how high?”.

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