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“No One Is Above The Law”

On May 29, Biden bragged that he was above the law. Then on May 30 he said “no one is above the law”

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CNN Experts Discuss Medicine

CNN experts Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo angrily discuss one of their many areas of expertise – medicine.

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Looking For Their Lost Keys

Nothing which governments are doing under the name of climate makes any sense. It is all a smokescreen to hide other agendas.

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Rapid Climate Change

The seamless transition from global cooling to global warming fearmongering was rather impressive.

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CBS News 1982 : One Fourth Of Florida To Drown

Four decades of global warming propaganda, right after the 1970s ice-age scare.

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Affordable Transportation

“EV manufacturer Lucid this week reported that it lost $684.8 million in the first quarter of the year. That’s $348,124 per car delivered.” The EV Red Ink Keeps Coming – WSJ

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“Why Scientific Fraud Is Suddenly Everywhere”

“Junk science has been forcing a reckoning among scientific and medical researchers for the past year, leading to thousands of retracted papers. Last week, scientific publisher Wiley decided to shutter 19 scientific journals after retracting 11,300 sham papers. There is … Continue reading

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She Hates Her State

The New York governor says kids in the Bronx don’t know what a computer is, and she hates most people outside of the Bronx as well. “If Donald Trump wants to waste his time campaigning here in New York, be … Continue reading

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Climate Friendly War

How is he planning on transporting electricity to the front lines? “One of the things I found out as President of the United States, I get to spend a lot of that money,” Biden said. “We’re going to start the … Continue reading

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Office Of Climate Change And Health Equity And Environmental Justice

“Sixty-five percent of black Americans report feeling anxious about climate change’s impact”

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