Infinite Paranoia

Michael Mann believes that anyone who disagrees with his nonsense is part of a grand conspiracy.

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21 Responses to Infinite Paranoia

  1. Mac says:

    Oh, my God. This guy is such a narcissistic infant. And, yeah, the paranoia and mindless rage is just off the charts at this point. The guy in the white coat with a butterfly net is just around the corner. I mean, this guy really believes that one molecule of CO2 per 2500 molecules of atmospheric gas is going to wipe out humanity. It’s astonishing.

    I wish someone could tell me how a person goes about earning a PhD in a science, and ultimately devotes his life to a religion which doesn’t resemble anything scientific.

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      I am convinced that anyone can get a PhD, if they are willing to plod long enough and at the right school. It helps to have minority coloring, but that isn’t necessary. I’ve met and worked with some of the dumbest PhD’s, whose degrees were in highly mathematical pursuits, like economics, and yet they had difficultly understanding simple numeric analyses.
      Michael Mann’s mental ramblings sound like those of Adolf Hitler

      • D. Boss says:

        Well you know the saying: MSc, BSc and PhD really stand for Bull Sh*t, More Sh*t, and Piled higher and Deeper!

        Yes, I have worked with people with letters after their name, whom I would not trust to change my toilet paper roll.

        Just like there are good plumbers, mechanics, doctors, etc, there are also very bad/incompetent ones too, and this includes so called scientists!

  2. Lance says:

    Micheal who?

    does anyone really follow him

    • Mike says:

      They follow him sniffing like little dogs???
      Anyway…Mikey has been proven wrong with time but he keeps ???
      His, Greta and Laird Fat Man Bears time is past. Only one will have to get a real job and She would look cute in a German beer hall serving Beers ??????

  3. Mike says:

    Lord, not Laird.
    Lying not ???
    ????? not ?????
    Fat fingers?

  4. arn says:

    The guy from climategate science complaining about disinformation?
    I guess he watched too many tree rings.

    Anyways, it is a tiny bit strange that a ‘ top expert ‘ (officially – just as Biden is officially president)
    who comes from a country the traditionally destroys other countries based on massive lies and infinite disinformation,
    that created and promoted massive hoaxes and false flags like tonkin,WMD ‘s,Gladio,Russian Collusion,
    Ice age scare,global warming and the Russian Bot BS,
    initiated dozens of regime changes,
    that controls all Big Tech and MSM in the western hemisphere, that spies
    on the whole world ( Prism)
    is accusing Russia of this global reach and sophistication.

    Russia has only a fraction of reach and influence, nor does she has 800 military bases around the world and her secret service budget is only a fraction of the US Budget.

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      I was thinking with respect to all of that Russia mongering and Tony’s projected Nov. election results, that perhaps if the map ends the way it is shown, that we outsource the blue states to Russia and let Putin govern them for us.

      • arn says:

        It is one thing to wage a (proxy) war on Russia.
        But dumping all your crazy trash on them goes way to far.
        Why do you hate them so much?

        Outsource them to themselves.
        Sezession( – and then let them enjoy their Utopia(so much that they must not leave it.)
        Once they go net zero their population will soon reach an identical number.It will make the holodomor look like a skipped meal.
        Vaccines and Bill Gates’ fake vegan meat will get rid of the remaining 10%.

        • Disillusioned says:

          Conrad’s post and your reply to Conrad reminded me of the George Carlin bit about walling-off four states for the worst of humanity. It was hilarious.

      • I don’t think Putin will want them.

      • William says:

        If we outsourced them to Russia we’d be doing them a favor that they don’t deserve. Outsource them to Venezuela instead. They’d feel right at home. When biden was installed Maduro called to congratulate “Comrade Biden”.

  5. Michael Dee says:

    I find it fascinating that people can refer to themselves as “scientists” while never applying scientific method to their work, or to their criticisms of others’ work.

  6. William says:

    Mann’s role is to give the hysterical lunatic left a “scientific” imprimatur. The “new” deteriorating biden is not new at all, he was just as far gone in 2020. That’s why they kept him sequestered in The Basement, ostensibly because The Virus. While Trump was having massive rallies – “Super-Spreader Events” 🙂 We are watching D-grade political theater. biden is digging in but he’s laying it on a bit thick, stating that he’s “proud to be the first black woman elected president.” He actually said that. But he just says whatever the executive earpiece tells him to say. The dark powers have a handle on things and they are messing with us for amusement. One thing is (fairly) certain – they won’t let Trump back in the WH. Canceling the “election” is only one option. Whatever it takes

    • Bob G says:

      William, no need to cancel the election. cheating worked in 2020 and they’re hoping it works again in 2024. if You can count ballots in Pennsylvania for a week, why not count them for 2 weeks if that’s what it takes this time. like Steve Bannon says, they won’t stop until they are stopped.

  7. Bob G says:

    my son-in-law is in Las Vegas this week playing world series poker so I’ve been watching the weather there. they’re expecting a record hot day in the next couple days of 118 in Las Vegas, as it has hit 117 several times in the past. but here’s a question maybe Tony can answer, why is the current record considered 117 when a quick Google search shows that it was 118 in 1931. why isn’t that considered the record? FYI the population of Las Vegas was 5,000 in 1931. it’s now 650,000 not including Metro.

  8. Ben V says:

    “Weaponize progressives into promoting their agenda.”

    Like man made climate change?

  9. Bill Odom says:

    Boy, am I behind the times! I thought that the liberals, especially of the Democrat type, had a patent on gaslighting and misinformation. One can always tell what they are up to. All you have to do is listen to what they accuse the conservatives of doing.

  10. Laurie says:

    I recommend shaking the dust from your heels, for such and those firmly of the same persuasion.

  11. Richard E Fritz says:

    Mann is one sick puppy

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