Subtle Propaganda

NBC News conflating French conservatives with genocidal, brutal NAZI occupiers.

“To prevent a humiliating scenario where his decision brings about France’s first far-right government since the Nazi occupation in World War II, Macron has broken away from his regular allegiance with the center-right Republicans to make deals with the left in the run-up to the runoff.”

Rising French far right vies for power in runoff elections

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10 Responses to Subtle Propaganda

  1. Walter says:

    NAZI meaning National Socialists. Doesn’t sound like a far right organization to me.

    No matter how much you hate the media, it’s not enough.

    • Mike says:

      In America Socialists, Fascists and Communists are all hard left big govt. MAGA is far center Right.

      • France has always been a command economy right back to Louis XIV, (l’etat, c’est moi). Free market economics has never been part of the culture. This is an infection which has afflicted the EU, and is the main reason for Brexit, which still isn’t achieved because the country is run by WEF lackeys, who are trying to rid the UK of the last vestiges of free enterprise.

      • Conrad Ziefle says:

        Anyone who believes that Nazis are far right are Marxists, who only acknowledge collectivist governing philosophies. So within their little realm of dictatorships, the Nazis are on the right side of the clubhouse and the commies are on the left. Hitler said he could convert any commie but not anyone from the rational parties.

  2. Bob G says:

    my ancestors fled France more than 150 years ago and I’m glad they did. per capita income in France is 25% lower than the United States. gasoline and electricity in France cost twice what it does in the United States. no wonder their masses are getting a little restless. notice how the lame stream media throws the term far right around like candy, but never calls anybody far left. meteorological summer is almost half over and paris has had only a couple hot days this summer.

  3. arn says:

    Everyone and everything in the way of the globalist agenda will be and is called Nazi.
    Even the most obvious (and absolutely necessary things) as trying to preserve and protect your culture and sovereignity, reject a mass invasion and destruction by islam and stay sovereign is Nazi – because it is in the way of globalism, as the west and its culture were considered the only real obstacles in the way of global communist rule according to Frankfurt School a century ago.

    The only people who are not branded Nazis are the real Nazis in Ukraine(and the CiA/NED-Gershman created Nazis in Belarus )
    and those who actually behave the closest to Nazis by a landmile today = muslims.
    None of them is ever called nazi(and it may put you in prison in several european countries calling us that way)
    despite the fact in muslim countries the best selling book after the mandatory quran is usually Hitlers Mein Kampf and that there is not a single party in a muslim party on this planet that is not more far right than Le Pens party(which is just standard 90ies conservatism)
    Very strange.Isn’t it?

    Just as Bertrand Russel promised a hundred years ago – people will be manipulated psychologically,biologically and chemically to reject national tendencies and go against their own who do so.

    There is also a very specific pattern observable – not only in western countries,
    but all around the world where national interests are in the way of Wall Street CiA WEF globalism.

    Whereever a someone rules who does not go along with their interessts and organisations(be it NATO ,EU or any other fancy front)
    the impossible happens:
    All relevant parties,no matter left or right and incomoatible,will unite under a huge umbrella coalition to go after the popular ruling pro nation party.
    This happened in Hungary and Turkey where the USA lost the election to
    Orban and Erdogan
    and it also happened in Thailand where the USA won
    or in Pakistan where Imran Khan was removed and shot,just a few weeks after he predicted his removement by the CiA.

    And if they dont get what they want,
    the US billionaires NGO’s will organize mass protests –
    as it happened in Ukraine where people went on the streets because
    the government rejected an unacceptable EU proposal that would have crippled Ukraines economy by abandoning Russia as trade partner
    and it happened in Georgia where mass protests happened to counter
    an NGO transparency law.

    Yes – people don’t protest when their country is being destroyed by muslims
    and their children and women raped,
    when violence and lawlessness is destroying their country and everything of value is being sold out to Bill Gates and Black Rock
    or when pedophiles are teaching their children,
    but they protest so the NGO’s can keep on doing their shady businesses –
    which is quiet interessting as 99% of people on this planet don’t give a crap about NGO’s.
    Which leads us to the conclusion
    that you only need to control and weaponize a very tiny part of the population
    after you gained a significant control over MSM,by a certain number of politicians and occupy key positions.

    • Disillusioned says:

      “If the communists (Democrats) lose to the nationalists (Republicans), they will burn France to the ground.
      Watch closely, because when Donald Trump wins in November, the same thing will likely happen here!”

      And if/when it happens again (à la Antifa/Black Lives Matter riots, vandalism, destruction), not one Democrat leader will be held accountable for their inciting words (à la Maxine Waters and many other Democrat leaders), let alone have their homes searched by the FBI, arrested and convicted in one [kangaroo] court after another.

      So, yes, the Left will gladly incite mayhem, destroy our towns, tear down more historical statues/symbols, attempt to gut our economies – all the while screaming the LIE born in the pit of Hell – that it is we, the patient, long suffering conservatives who go to work, pay our mortgages and attend peaceful Trump rallies if they come to our hometowns, are the evil fascists who are destroying our country. The despicable DOUBLE STANDARD, under which rational patriots are being subjugated, is is the real evil.

  4. Laurie says:

    I would like to say, in this regard, that it is not merely incorrect to label such ‘conservatives’ as Nazis, it is backward. See for yourself:

    By what a man says he is either justified or condemned (yet not in this present world).

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