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New Video : Forest Fire Burn Acreage Plummeting

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Sherwood Forest

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Plummeting Forest Fire Burn Acreage

According to the National Interagency Fire Center, 9.4 million acres burned in the US this year. This is down 80% since the 1930’s. Indicator 3.16: Area and percent of forest affected by abiotic agents 23 Jul 1933, Page 12 – Great … Continue reading

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The Devastation Of Forest Fire

These incredible Aspen groves outside Santa Fe, are the result of forest fires in 1890. Spokane Falls Daily Chronicle – Google News Archive Search Climate experts say that forest fires are bad, and they are your fault. In fact, forest … Continue reading

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Forest Fires Down 75% Since 1937

The New York Times says climate change is going to come attack us all. Where should you live to escape climate change? The New York Times Never mind that US hurricanes are at a record low, extreme heat has plummeted … Continue reading

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More Spectacular Fraud About Forest Fires

The latest massive fraud from climate scientists is about increasing forest fires “until the trees run out.” Global warming doubles size of forest fires in US West, study finds | The Independent They started the study right at the low … Continue reading

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US Forest Fires Down 50% Over The Last 10 Years

The last 10 years have been the quietest on record for US hurricanes, and the number of forest fires in the US has also dropped in half. National Interagency Fire Center And fires are down 80% over the past eighty … Continue reading

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Forest Fires Plummeting – Climate Fraud Skyrocketing

Physics Today has achieved spectacular new levels of climate fraud. They show wildfires plummeting over the last 80 years, and conclude from this that fires are going to skyrocket. Western US wildfires in an increasingly warming climate Because government funded science means … Continue reading

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In 1936, Forest Fires Were Seen As The Greatest Threat To California

More information about forest fires which Katharine Hayhoe and Barack Obama don’t want you to know about. 5 Dec 1936, Page 7 – at The 1868 fire burned up 75 miles of mountains from Pescadero to Gilroy.

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The Big Lies About Forest Fires

Barack Obama and a number of other criminals pretending to be scientists, insist that there are more and hotter fires than there used to be. As always, there isn’t one smidgen of truth to these claims. The 1871 fires around … Continue reading

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