Forest Fires Down 75% Since 1937

The New York Times says climate change is going to come attack us all.


Where should you live to escape climate change? The New York Times

Never mind that US hurricanes are at a record low, extreme heat has plummeted in the US, drought is near a record low, tornadoes are near a record low, and wildfires are down 75% since the 1930’s.


October 9, 1938 – NYTimes

In 1937, fires burned 22 million acres, compared to to 5 million this year. But the actual decline is much more than that, because the recent numbers include Alaska and the 1930’s numbers didn’t.


National Interagency Fire Center

Facts don’t matter to the New York Times. They have an agenda to pummel Americans into submission, and see imaginary climate change as a vehicle to do that.

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