Defrauding The Public Through Baseline Shifts

GISS uses an insidious trick to hide their data tampering. They cool pre-1963 years, and warm post-1963 years. This makes their data tampering look much less severe than it actually is. A better visualization is to normalize the graphs to the most recent common data, and show the total magnitude of the tampering. The animation below shows that.


2003 version


2014 version

Fig.A (3)


Fig.A.gif (656×446)

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4 Responses to Defrauding The Public Through Baseline Shifts

  1. Michael Newhouse says:


  2. Jay Mock says:

    The 2003 link doesn’t work.

    This is great stuff but I want to see the source.

  3. Matt says:


    Judith Curry (in a 7/2014 blog post) links to a blog post by Brandon Shollenberger that seeks to support how surface temperature data is handled while being critical or dismissive of your criticism of its handling. I thought you might want to read the criticism and respond to it, if you haven’t yet. The post is linked below:

    Best wishes,

  4. Dan Sr. says:

    Despite all the explanations I’ve heard from each of these government agencies that felt the need to go back in history and examine the temperature record. It’s just strange that every temperature record prior to 1979 was cooled and every one after has been warmed. I don’t care what the explanation is. Just like the medieval warm period was accepted as being a very hot period on the earth and now it’s contested and swept off as localized phenomenon.

    It doesn’t smell good. Same as the climategate emails. Everyone in the media says nothing to look at here. That makes me give more weight to it.

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