Glaciers Shrank Thousands Of Feet Before 1902

Climate experts say that glacial melt is your fault, and can be stopped by you submitting to global communism. Only problem is that glaciers have been shrinking for 20,000 years since the end of the last ice age, and it has nothing to do with CO2 emissions.



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  1. Steve Case says:

    In 1960 my parents took us on a Canadian trip, and we rode snow cats up on the Athabasca glacier. I remember the guides telling us that the glacier had been steadily receding.

    • What nonsense — all this proves is that there was a serious deficiency of Communism in Canada in 1960.

      As for all the Communist countries that don’t have glaciers … well, they can do whatever they want because they’re the ‘good guys’.

      The lesson should be clear: if you are an anti-Communist country, preserving your glaciers through forced emissions cuts is a moral imperative. But once you go Communist, you can emit all the CO2 that your Politburo sees fit, since that is all for the “defense of the working man”, which they hold to be the highest moral principle.

      Therefore, the fear expressed over ‘catastrophic’ effects of CO2 is a bald-faced lie, told solely for the purpose of tearing down the economies of free-market nations so a case can be made that free enterprise cannot compete with Communism on a “level” playing field.


  2. Wyguy says:

    I don’t think they like to mention the many that are advancing.

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