Today’s Climate Morons

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Climate morons believe that glaciers calving are an indication of “climate change”

Glaciers are rivers of ice that flow towards the sea. Snow falls in the interior, and eventually finds its way to the ocean via gravity. All of the snow that falls, has to return to the sea. In the case of Greenland, that is 500 billion tons of ice per year.

Their logic is as intelligent as saying all the water flowing out the mouth of the Mississippi is an indication of drought. Complete imbeciles.

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29 Responses to Today’s Climate Morons

  1. Truthseeker says:

    Robert Redford the actor?

  2. Steve Case says:

    They also tell you that when the glaciers disappear the river in the valley will dry up. That’s total bullshit, but they keep on saying it.

  3. Steve Case says:

    Oh, by the way, they aren’t morons, they know exactly what they are doing, they are telling the big lie, and they know it.

  4. Louis Hooffstetter says:

    I agree completely, but am at a loss to defend against claims that glaciers worldwide are retreating. It seems that in many cases, they are. I am confident that glaciers around the globe will soon begin to advance to their previous termini and beyond, (termini: plural of terminus – I had to look it up myself) but does anyone have a logical explanation to explain the relatively recent retreat of glaciers such as the Jakobshavn glacier? Help a brother out if you can.

    • GeologyJim says:

      Of course, glaciers have retreated – – – – but the relevant question is “Since when?”

      It is indeed ironic that photography became commonplace in the late 1800s just as the final stages of the Little Ice Age began to wane. Innumerable photos were taken to document interesting landscape features, and glaciers were highly interesting [in part because some of them had previously over-ridden mountain villages in the Alps, for example]. So there’s lots of photo-documentary evidence of the extent of glaciers and ice fields in the coldest parts of the LIA.

      Now, fortunately, the climate has moderated and glaciers have retreated. Where they retreat, artifacts of human habitation and fossil forests are disclosed – – and study of those remains document the existence of extended warmer climates prior to LIA ice advances

      None of this is directly relevant to the supposed effects of CO2 in the atmosphere resulting from human use of fossil fuels. It is merely evidence of significant natural climate change prior to WWII, generally accepted as the “beginning of major CO2 additions to the atmosphere caused by man’s use of fossil fuels”.

      So, the more relevant question is: “Has glacier extent changed markedly since WWII?”. Again, the qualifying second question is “Since when?”.

      There’s plenty of evidence of glacial advances between 1940 and the early 1970s – when the big scare was “The Next Ice Age” – – just as there is evidence of reductions in glacial ice during the warming from 1975 to 1998.

      So what? These observations are clear signals of a cyclic process, not some sort of runaway tipping-point calamity.

      Bruce Molnia, USGS, spent decades monitoring conditions on the Mendenhall Glacier in coastal Alaska and you can find links to his work at The historical observations show clearly that the major retreat of Alaskan coastal glaciers happened during the initial warming [from the LIA] in the early 1900s and that subsequent changes have been relatively minor.

      I recently scanned a book “The Alps in 1864” with numerous photos of glaciers and snowfields at that time. By comparison, I pulled up 2013 photos of (for example) Eiger, Moench, and Jungfrau – – and you would be hard pressed to find any significant difference in ice conditions between the two images.

      What goes around, comes around.

      And that’s why it’s hard to pull the wool over the eyes of a seasoned geologist. Earth history is replete with cyclic phenomena, punctuated by the occasional comet-impact or such. And no “tipping point” has ever been recorded in rocks.

    • Ben Vorlich says:

      I think the Vatican are taking credit for previous effort working too well.

      Noted here:

      During the post-MWP cooling of the climate, glaciers in many parts of Europe began to advance. Glaciers negatively influenced almost every aspect of life for those unfortunate enough to be living in their path. Glacial advances throughout Europe destroyed farmland and caused massive flooding. On many occasions bishops and priests were called to bless the fields and to pray that the ice stopped grinding forward (Bryson, 1977.) Various tax records show glaciers over the years destroying whole towns caught in their path. A few major advances, as noted by Ladurie (1971).

    • Svend Ferdinandsen says:

      Re Louis
      Heat is only a part of retreating/gaining. The other part is the amount of snow that falls and it is not easy to divide between these two effects.

    • Paul Homewood says:


      To understand recent glacial retreat, you have to first understand that they expanded enormously during the LIA

    • Phil Jones says:

      Nobody is denying that *Most** Glaciers are in Retreat today… but some are not, some are expanding..

      Meanwhile… what seems to be in play here is that despite CO2 and cries about the Hoax of Global Warming… Glaciers have been documented to be in various states of Expanding or Retreat for the past few Hundred Years..!! .. despite Mankind!! So HOW does this happen? and Why are we worried today? Should we be??

      Analyze this Map:

      Check out some of Goddard’s blips on Glaciers:

      Or Google “Patagonia Glaciers Grow” or “Himalayan Glaciers Grow”

      Good luck in your research..

  5. Andy Oz says:

    It is our collective responsibility to disagree and dispute, when we are being “sold a diamond ring for a dime.” That is what the Climate Change scam is all about.

    It might all sound so sciency and we could trust them unconditionally, but it is a shell game and we are the mark.

  6. Gunnar Nilsson says:

    The wise politicians in Sweden have fixed the issue with global warming. Gas is almost 8usd/gl and fees have been imposed to enter Stockhom by car. As a result the spring and beginning of summer has been the coldest since 1962, Åre ski resort was open on midsummer and the glaciers in Norway have more snow than usual. It has been so cold it is difficult for the birds this year. It is fatnastic that increased taxes here in Sweden has made such a global impact!

  7. Billyjack says:

    One of my favorite moronic arguements was when the warmers claimed that “Otzi” the frozen mummy remains of the a bronze age man was discovered due to melting ice in the Alps caused by global warming. However, they failed to realize that 5000 years earlier he died on that same spot that had no ice at the time.

    • Phil Jones says:

      Exactly… I recently saw that Documentary and thought the same thing..

      The play the Global Warming tune.. but don’t consider normal cycles.. that Otzi GOT THERE WHEN IT WAS WARMER!!

  8. LeeHarvey says:

    Because I know that when I think of a real authority in the field of climatology, the first name that comes to mind is Robert Redford.

    I can’t stand this level of stupid much longer…

    • The climatologists don’t talk much about glacier calving, because they have at least a iota of shame.

      Or possibly because they detect the earmarks of a coming political upheaval. Something which doesn’t affect actors too much ….

  9. MikeW says:

    Climate change alarmism is a scam that corrupt governments use to wield power. The government cannot affect the climate, but it can fund university climate study lackeys to develop a false link between climate change and carbon emissions. Then the government can claim progress by closing down coal plants and funding crony “green” energy companies. Many people make a lot of money by participating in the scam, including movie actors and producers.

  10. Eliza says:

    Actually I tend to disagree with many of the lukewarmers and skeptics saying that “Climate Changes all the time” as a response to the warmist agenda. In fact climate is incredibly stable over 1000’s of years. Has anyone here actually seen any climate change anywhere since your birth? Well I haven’t. LOL BTW great posting these guys are actually imbeciles and need to be called that. I will admit defeat if. anyone here is 10,000 years old.

    • Patrick Blasz says:

      When I was a little boy, the Arctic was cold, the tropics warm and Florida was a refuge from long winters, so I learned. Now, that I’m an old man, nothing’s changed. I’ve been to the tropics, and to Florida, they’re warm. Haven’t made it to the Arctic yet, but I have it on good authority that there’s lots of multiyear think ice and Greenland’s still cold.
      Climate does have mild varianc; but, by and large, it is remarkably stable. Start to worry when bananas bloom in Buffalo and pineapples popup in Poughkeepsie. THAT would be climate change. Meanwhile the lefties will never stop with their piffle and poppycock. They’re just nuts; I’ve come to realize that too.

      • gregole says:

        All good points underscoring the fact that whatever warming, or cooling we have had in the 20th and 21st century doesn’t amount to much.

        Amazing how such a kerfuffle is being made over something so trivial.

  11. Eliza says:

    Complete and excruciating silence from the Climate Cartels: Hahaha.

  12. Another Ian says:


    O/T somewhat.

    This term might fit with what you’re highlighting of the GISS activities?

    Another Ian replied to comment from TheTooner | June 30, 2015 12:06 AM | Reply
    “NASA is the customer because NASA can’t do it anymore.”

    NASA got erectile dysfunction then?”

    In comments at

  13. Another Ian says:


    More on the previous post.

    Same idea but with GISS maybe they’ve got the Viagra problem – can’t get it down.

  14. Justa Joe says:

    Redford is in show business. He knows how effective the right images can be even if they are completely false. Redford trades in false images.

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