Arctic/Greenland Melt Season Is Coming To An Early End

Cold air has settled over the Arctic and Greenland, which is going to greatly inhibit any further melt this summer.

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10-Day Temperature Outlook

Climate criminals will claim the exact opposite, because they are paid to lie ahead of the Paris Summit.

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4 Responses to Arctic/Greenland Melt Season Is Coming To An Early End

  1. Jeffk says:

    A cold front in July is teaching Florida now. But the local weather guy dats it’s from El Niño. And then ABC News says it’s gonna be in the 90s again, as we approach August in the South. They call that part news, and totally ignore the cold front and your news about Arctic and Greenland early chill.

  2. FTOP says:

    Northern and Southern Hemisphere are both experiencing record low temperatures. It is a life or death situation in Peru

    People are going to freeze and starve from the cold during the warmest year ever — blatant fraud.

  3. AZ1971 says:

    The Danish Met tracking Greenland ice sheet mass balance is showing quite a precipitous drop even before this predicted cold spell moves across the region:

    I doubt that it will be the demise of the summer melt season – but if it is, what does that say about the larger role of El Niño and CO2-induced AGW? Or is it reflecting a lower solar activity, or perhaps a change in the AMO/AO? And what does it portend of the Arctic sea ice recovery this upcoming winter?

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