Huge Increase In Four Year Old Sea Ice Coming Up

The Arctic Basin is full of ice, most of which is thick multi-year ice – and cold temperatures have settled in over the region.

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ScreenHunter_10028 Jul. 30 08.58

In a few weeks, there will be a huge increase in four year old ice, as the three year old ice (green) reaches its birthday. Most of the Arctic Basin is now covered with multi-year ice.


Arctic sea ice is making a very strong recovery, but government funded climate criminals will not mention this – because they are paid to generate global warming propaganda for the White House, not disseminate factual information.

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2 Responses to Huge Increase In Four Year Old Sea Ice Coming Up

  1. AZ1971 says:

    From the PIOMAS website: “The energy required to melt the 16,400 Km3 of ice that are lost every year (1979-2010 average) from April to September as part of the natural annual cycle is about 5 x 1021 Joules. For comparison, the U.S. Energy consumption for 2009 ( was about 1 x 1020 J. So it takes about the 50 times the annual U.S. energy consumption to melt this much ice every year. This energy comes from the change in the distribution of solar radiation as the earth rotates around the sun.”

    Which means that the SUN is our primary climate driver, not CO2. And as the sun settles into a lower output phase, less daily insolation should lead to continued recovery of the Arctic sea ice extent and volume.

    Alarmists are concerned about the effect of increasing CO2 on the biosphere; why haven’t any rogue individuals or organizations seeded the middle of the open Pacific gyres with ferrous iron as was done off the coast of British Columbia a few years ago (and which, incidentally, resulted in a huge algae bloom and the biggest salmon recovery in decades) thereby allowing a bloom in oceanic algae that sucks up CO2 and as it dies, returns it to the bottom of the benthic zone. Ferrous iron is non-toxic (it’s one of the most ubiquitous elements in the Earth’s crust) and highly beneficial to flora and fauna at these seeding levels.

    Warmer water temps with El Niño combined with some aqueous fertilizer would mean a HUGE and rapid algae bloom that has very little to no risk associated with it. To me, it makes a lot more sense, both environmentally and economically, to “geoengineer” using ferrous seeding in the open Pacific than it does converting the global economy to inconsistent renewable energy production. Not only that, but in my home state of Wisconsin, the Department of Natural Resources just sent out notice for public input on their new 10-year Wildlife and Habitat Management Plan ( and the most critically threatened mammals are unquestioningly bats – and both they and grassland birds are at severe risk of population destabilization from wind farms. It’s convenient for AGW-alarmists to promote the benefits of wind power in mitigating climate change while ignoring the real risk of the technology to indigenous fauna, because a lot of people hate bats and don’t care if they disappear. My fear is that hypocrisy and hysteria will trump species protection because being green is the current sexy and cool fad.

  2. Mohatdebos says:

    Where are the cruise ships and icebreaker escorts sailing through the melting arctic so that their brave passengers could observe first hand the devastation caused by man?

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