Shameless Scamsters

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The climate criminals cool the past, and warm the present. Then they make claims about record heat. Intellectual filth of the very worst kind.


.The surface temperature record looks nothing like it did 40 years ago.

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And the surface temperature record looks nothing like the more accurate satellite record.

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Make no mistake about it. You are witnessing the biggest criminal fraud in history, and it is being directed from the White House.

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7 Responses to Shameless Scamsters

  1. Owen says:

    Obama has 15 or 16 months left before he’s forced from office. He’ll do as much damage as he can before leaving. He hates America, especially white America.

  2. Just-A-Guy says:


    In a recent exchange with a warmist troll on JoNova, I stumbled across a way to show what the so-called ‘average global temperature’ is actually doing. Putting aside my numerous reservations on the validity of such a metric computed using land-based temperature measurements, the satellite-based metric is, in my view, accurate enough.

    Therefore, I took the RSS data and plotted a fifteen year running average calculated monthly. The graph clearly shows that the warming of the late 20th century has now passed it’s peak and is heading decidedly on a downward trend.

    Not being a scientist, I’m not sure if my graph really has any significance although my gut tells me that it does.

    Could you be so kind as to comment on the validity of this way of graphing the global temperature trend? I ask because I’ve posted the graph two or three times there and haven’t received any replies on the graph itself.

    The really interesting thing about this way of plotting temperature trends is that even using the highly modified gisstemp, we still get a plateau, or ‘hiatus’ in warm-speak. It seems that all their efforts at corrupting the raw data didn’t work out so well after all.

    There’s no preview option here so I hope I’ve done the HTML correctly to display the woodfortrees graphs.


  3. Andrew M. says:

    Tony, mate, you know it’s wrong to go around making baseless accusations in society. It makes everyone uncertain as to whether false accusations can be made by anybody anywhere, so it erodes trust in society as a whole and is no good for happiness or productivity.
    If you don’t have enough evidence for a court prosecution then don’t say anything (or not in public anyway).

    Unless you’ve got a blue dress from GISS with a presidential stain on it? :D

  4. Just-A-Guy says:

    To the moderators.

    Please note my comment in moderation now fully 14 hours.

    Seeing as there is no e-mail for support or contact, this comment can be erased after the moderated comment is either approved or denied.


  5. CapitalistRoader says:

    I’m pretty sure Seth Borenstein took Borat’s picture and Photoshopped a pair of glasses on it to use as his avatar.

  6. Sheri says:

    There was the same warming trend between 1910 and 1940 looking at the graph. Then it flattened out, sometimes going above, sometimes below the “average”. Yet the CO2 level at that point was much, much lower than now. So the graph shows definatively that temperatures can and do level out and that warming in the past was as rapid as it is now, even without the CO2 levels of the 21st century.

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