The West Has Gotten Much Wetter Over The Past 500 Years

Climate experts claim that global warming brings drought to the west. Data tells us the exact opposite – the west has gotten much wetter since the Little Ice Age (which fraudster Michael Mann tried to erase.)

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The Longest Measure of Drought: 21 Centuries of Rainfall in New Mexico –

Experts like Katherine Hayhoe have been hysterically warning about drought in the southwest, based on their mindless superstitions about CO2. Over the past two years, the southwest and Rocky Mountain states have been much wetter than normal.

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Your tax dollars go to support these academic and governmental morons.

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2 Responses to The West Has Gotten Much Wetter Over The Past 500 Years

  1. Pathway says:

    When we flip to the next ice age the west can get up to 400 inches of precipitation per year. That should make Tony happy as it will clean out lake powell.

  2. mat says:

    and the moron of the year (so far) award goes to…

    “Despite one of the hottest British summers on record, the cold temperatures in Cairngorms National Park have led to more snow remaining in the mountains than has been seen in 20 years.”

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