Boulder Snow Season Getting Much Longer

Climate scientists love to start graphs in 1979, so in compliance with their standard bad practices, I generated this graph.

The last spring snow in Boulder falls about a month later now than it did in 1979. This means that springs are getting colder in Boulder, and springtime precipitation is falling as snow rather than rain.

Climate experts of course ignore all actual data, and instead write papers which bring funding in. They say we have declining spring snow cover and a shortage of water in the west.

Never mind that we have record spring snowpack in the west.

Basin Snow Water Content Map (SNOTEL)

Climate science – all fake news – all the time.

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3 Responses to Boulder Snow Season Getting Much Longer

  1. Shooter says:

    “Fyfe said his team used climate models…” – There we go. Whatever the models say, clearly represents reality, right?

  2. Andy DC says:

    Every idiot knows that both longer and shorter snow seasons are entirely consistent with global warming. Or is it climate change? Or is extreme weather? Whatever!

  3. Here’s hoping this information takes long enough to sink in that the anonymous creatures who wrote the Democratic Party Platform will be able to pack backs and move to Econazi Germany. Their shrieking Cassandra Marmunism and demanding increased taxation and men with guns to stave off impending doom (instead of repeal, deregulation, freedom from coercion) cost the Democrats this election (if we ignore libertarian spoiler votes) . That means pseudoscience cost the looters enough political jobs and hands in the till to justify initiation of deadly force against the platform polluters. Then again, initiation of force is what they demand and hopefully will get.

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