Climate Science As A Criminal Venture

One hundred “climate scientists” announced yesterday that Arctic sea ice is melting twice as fast as expected, and has passed the point of no return. They say it will all be gone soon.

Ice In The Arctic Ocean Is Melting Twice As Fast And We Have Reached Point Of No Return! –

This claim is wildly fraudulent. In fact, Arctic sea ice is melting very slowly, is in the normal range, and extent is well above last year and 2006.

Charctic Interactive Sea Ice Graph | Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis

Ten years ago, scientists said the exact same thing, and said the ice would be gone by 2012.

12 Dec 2007, Page 25 – Arizona Republic

Arctic sea ice is doing the exact opposite of what scientists claim. Climate scientists repeat the identical lies year after year, decade after decade. These people are being paid to lie to the public. It is a criminal venture, not a science.

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11 Responses to Climate Science As A Criminal Venture

  1. CO2isLife says:

    CO2 Can’t Cause the Warming Alarmists Claim it Does

    In conclusion, if you break the data down to isolate the impact of CO2 on atmospheric temperatures, there simply isn’t a strong case to be made that CO2 is the cause of the warming. Yes the oceans are warming, yes temperatures have been warming, but that doesn’t mean CO2 is the cause of that warming. If you isolate the impact of CO2 by removing the impact of the oceans, the urban heat island effect, and atmospheric water vapor, the result is that those areas show no warming what so ever. CO2 increased from 335 ppm to 405 ppm in Antarctica, and it had no impact at all, none, nada, zip.

    • JDA says:

      In you blog, could you please correct the terms El Niño and La Niña. You use the masculine el for both terms and it distracts from your excellent argument.

  2. Arn says:

    thx god we are past the point of no return(for the 99th time)

    As we are past this point there is nothing that can be done to save the ice,
    (especially not a world wide tax)
    therefore no need to do a thing(or copy and paste 10year old articles with failed predictions)
    But i hardly can’t wait to read this alarmist article again in 2027.

  3. Ron Clutz says:

    Yes the ice is resilient presently, the opposite of what they are saying. Perhaps they can’t see beyond Bering and Okhotsk seas, which do melt out every year.

  4. frederik wisse says:

    How important we humans are ! Your previous president Barack O. is falling completely in this trap , probably believing in his own godlike importance after throwing away half of the US wealth and taking for himself what he does not favour to his fellow-men .

  5. gator69 says:

    Curious. I have been through all of the documentation from the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme, and cannot find a single scientist listed. I have found repeated references to an “intergovernmental” council, but not one scientist. I also went to the parent group, The Arctic Council website and still canoot find a single scientist listed as having taken oart in this “assessment”, but again foun references for a “summary for policymakers”.

    Here is an example of their membership…

    Julia L. Gourley
    Julia Gourley has served as the United States Senior Arctic Official (SAO) since 2005. As the
    SAO, she is the primary U.S. representative to the Arctic Council, the leading intergovernmental
    forum for addressing matters related to the Arctic. In this role, Ms. Gourley manages the State
    Department’s Arctic Council portfolio, handling a wide range of environmental, economic, and
    political issues related to U.S. foreign policy interests in the Arctic Region.
    Prior to becoming the SAO, Ms. Gourley served in the State Department’s Office of
    Environmental Policy where she worked on multilateral environmental agreements under the
    United Nations Environment Program. She has also worked at the U.S. Environmental
    Protection Agency.
    Originally from Ohio, Ms. Gourley holds a Bachelor of Science in Geography with a
    concentration in urban and regional planning from Ohio University.

    Not exactly a “climate expert”.

    • Arn says:

      AGW is real and will kill us all if you don’t pay goldman sachs controlled co2 tax= climate expert&beautiful human being

      There is no way that such a tiny tiny fraction man made co2 can heat up earth so much and sun is the main driver of climate as sun delivers 100% of the needed energy and climate has always changed and always will= nazi,climate denier

  6. Lasse says:

    Open sea will gain more heat-in the arctic-during winter.
    The point of no return for political jokes!

  7. RAH says:

    It happens that on this day in 1943 an excellent example of poor weather forecasting and preparedness occurred.

    The 7th Infantry Division landed on the Aleutian Island of Attu to take it back from the Japanese. It would be the only land battle fought on US territory during WW II.

    Prior to it’s first deployment into combat on Attu the 7th Infantry Division had been training in the Mojave desert for deployment to N. Africa an had no cold weather training. Nor was it supplied with any special equipment for it’s invasion of Attu. The division personnel were provided with only the standard Army basic clothing issue. Army commanders justified this negligence by stating that Attu would be taken quickly so the soldiers did not need special equipment for their deployment.

    Well the island was not taken quickly. The island was not secured until June 1st.

    As a result the Division suffered more non battle injuries than combat casualties.
    The US Army Office of Medical History states:
    “The force which invaded Attu, consisting of about 15,300 men, required 22 days to take the island. It sustained a total of 3,829 casualties from all causes (table 2). Cold injuries, which numbered 1,200 up to 1 June, exceeded the number of casualties caused by wounds (1,148) and accounted for more than 31 percent of all casualties from all causes. After 1 June, only scattered cases occurred. Seven patients with cold injuries were admitted to the shore hospital on 12 May, 146 were admitted on 16 May, and 191 were admitted on 17 May. ”

    Below is a table that breaks down the casualties by type:

  8. RAH says:

    Actually Attu as with all of Alaska was an “incorporated territory” making it distinct from places like the Islands of Wake and Guam which were US possessions where land battles were fought during the war.

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