Ice Gain In The Beaufort Sea Since Last Year

Last year on this date, the Beaufort Sea was largely ice free.

This year the Beaufort Sea is full of ice, prompting professional climate fraudsters to say sea ice extent is at a record low.

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15 Responses to Ice Gain In The Beaufort Sea Since Last Year

  1. sunsettommy says:

    What a difference!

    Here is an interesting link to historical DMI maps from the early 1900’s:

    From Hide the Decline blog,

    Arctic Sea ice data collected by DMI 1893-1961

    By Jeremy Bowman | Published May 2, 2012


    “I came across a number of maps showing Arctic ice extend from 1893 to 1961 collected by DMI in “Nautisk Meteorologisk Aarbog”. Each year DMI have collected information on sea ice extend so that normally each of the months April, May, June, July and August ice extend was published.

    There is much more to be said about these, but this is my summary for now.”

    Explain this Griff,Andy and Hunt!

  2. CheshireRed says:

    On this point I fear our host is mistaken. What’s actually happened is Russian, American and Canadian land ice has melted at -28c, Arctic polar vortex winds have shifted and mating beluga whales have altered the solar/lunar cycle, forcing unprecedented rivers of meltwater into the ocean causing catastrophic sea ice build-up. Naturally this is all due to climate change. This is really bad, very bad indeed. Send money.

    • R2Dtoo says:

      Actually climate “disruption” is so bad in the Arctic that the belugas and polar bears mated. I hear they produced one whale of a bear!

  3. Stewart Pid says:

    Folks … any sailors, canoe paddlers or swimmers making the Northwest passage this year? I haven’t heard of any.

  4. Lasse says:

    The canary was not anthropogenic:

    Ice in Arctic was influenced of AMO and PMO , natural periodic variations.
    NASA can now show us the whole graph, thanks to Trump!

  5. Griff says:

    Posting that 2017 is not as bad as the record early melt in the Beaufort in 2016 is just ridiculous…

    You might note that the ice thickness in the Beaufort is far, far thinner than in 2016, so we will almost certainly see more melt in this area in 2017 than lat year.

  6. RickS says:

    First !

    If I hadn’t seen it I wouldn’t have believed it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When I have said that “I have “no” faith in the American people”, I should have also looked at myself because I had absolutely no faith that this day would come !

    The World and the Beast (That “thing is alive and Unwell, unfortunately) just took a HUGE hit, the Day’s have been added too, and the length of Time here extended !!

    365 days ago I would have bet everything I have that this Day could “not” possibly come to pass, that the World, including the United States of America, would continue on a spiral down to destruction and that these modern events could not be turned back !!!

    But I was wrong, if only for a bit of Time, and that Marxism, Socialism and Satanism (Referred more today as Luciferase, as in, Satan never fell !) have been set back, way back, and the President of the United States had better know this because everything from Hell up will now come against Him, and only the Good Lord now stands in their way !

    Now Fight-fire-with-Fire because this is War, and certainly the “Left” won’t take any prisoners, and neither should We !

    Unplug everything possible today, cripple all Government and State run entities at God’s Speed, NASA and the EPA need to go NOW, they serve no purpose except to cripple Humanity starting first with the USA (If you haven’t already noticed ?), and to prepare for a “One-World-Government”, Marxist Obamas’ dream-come-true !!

    And if You haven’t noticed, the United States of America won’t be “United” much longer, and [ United We Stand, Divided We Fall ], and the children coming out of the “Public” Government/State run Education System have already been completely “brainwashed”, they have already turned on their Parents (Gee, where have I heard this from) and you can’t turn them back !!!

    So stand TALL, and have STRENGTH, and fight for what YOU believe in, but only protect yourself personally when confronted, back down to no one, STAND YOUR GROUND !

    And Have FAITH !

    And be thankful for what just happened Today…

    It was and is a MIRACLE !!!

    Thank God for President Donald Trump !


    “This year the Beaufort Sea is full of ice, prompting professional climate fraudsters to say sea ice extent is at a record low” ?

    I read this and check out the current NSIDC Arctic Sea Ice most every day, their “LIES’ are UNBELIEVABLE, Satanic if you will !

    Fret not, last breath Day is not far away (For Anyone !), and their end is and will be a incomprehensible Horror, completely beyond comprehension …… …… …… !

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