Mann and Hayhoe Vs. Science

Two years ago, Michael Mann and Katherine Hayhoe predicted longer summers, shorter springs and heat for Colorado. They said Denver was among the top seven cities at risk from global warming.

Climate change in Colorado – Boulder Weekly

How is that working out?  Three weeks ago, the People’s Climate March in Denver was canceled because of a monster snowstorm.

We are forecast to get 5-8 inches of snow today, with a maximum temperature of 40 degrees.

Boulder has never had snow on May 18 before.

The forecast maximum of 40 degrees would make this the coldest May 18 on record in Boulder, and the third consecutive May 18 with cold temperatures.

Climate scientists have demonstrated a track record of being wrong close to 100% of the time, yet policy is being based around their worthless predictions, and any scientist who questions them is ostracized and has their funding cut off.

History will look back on this time as even more ignorant than the days of geocentricism and Galileo. Progressives imagine themselves to be sophisticated and enlightened, when in fact they are actually a bunch of dangerously stupid and stoned useful idiots.

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46 Responses to Mann and Hayhoe Vs. Science

  1. R. de Haan says:

    Is Al Gore in town? Just asking.

    • arn says:

      Al Gore fled to the last warm regions of the usa.

      You will never see those guys bying cheap houses in Alaska and moving there to wait few years until the warming comes
      so they can sell their houses for a 10000% premium.

      Instead they buy expensive mansions in warm regions(though they are cocksure that these regions will be deserts within few years)

      • -B- says:

        Don’t forget on the coast too where according to their predictions the sea level rise will flood them and hurricanes will destroy them.

        • arn says:

          Al Gore bought some years ago in montecito a mansion for something like 10 mio dollars.
          So close to the ocean that i still wonder how they managed to build the huge swimming pool between the house and the ocean((and i’m pretty sure you really really need a swimming pool when you are living close to mexico as the water may be so extremly cold :) especially when you consider global warming.
          And i ask myself wether the pool had heating and wether the heating was done by windmills,solar or good ol fossil fuel. But i would be surprised if it isn’t fossil.

  2. Rah says:

    Expect the wackos to start talking about how weird the weather is and blaming climate change. Good snow in Denver while DC has 90 deg F+ temps. I’m a little north of Milwaukee, WI right now. It was a windy drive up yesterday. Big wind farm along I-65 in Indiana was shut down.


    • Pamela Matlack-Klein says:

      Really, the I-65 wind farm was shut down? Maybe they are all broken, usually half of them are not spinning at any given time.

    • Ernest Bush says:

      Ice can freeze up the blades, thus giving us a beautiful picture of a helicopter trying to get a wind generator going by blowing air from the blades on it last year. Also, they will lock down for winds high enough to tear the blades apart. It is a surprisingly low mph in most places.

    • RAH says:

      Not a single one was turning that I could see when I went through about 18:00 on the 17th. Coming south today (the 18th) most were turning.

      • cdquarles says:

        Back in 1983 I visited LA and my greatuncle’s family who lived in Santa Monica. I was looking for a position at the time (made some 20 stops over a couple of weeks). I drove on I5 and a few of the other roads in and around LA. I drove over the coast range into the valley, going to Bakersfield. I saw those monstrosities and just shook my head. To think that they’ve ruined the view off I 65 with those things, which weren’t there the last time I drove past Nashville, TN on it, going to Chicago, some 20 years ago. Ugh. I’d rather see a mega hog farm.

  3. Lasse says:

    How about sea level rise?
    Is it no risk factor in Denver?

  4. gator69 says:

    Looks like they need more marches, and more pink pussy hats. That’ll fix everything.

    Oh, and don’t forget to panic and raise taxes.

    • Rah says:

      Add getting Trump out of the WH to that list. A while back Tony posted a Blog titled “Learning to think like a progressive”. We’ll there could be no better evidence that progressives don’t actually think than their actions of the last 2 weeks. Progressives EMOTE. they don’t think.

      • gator69 says:

        Progressives EMOTE. they don’t think.


        I was having another enlightening discussion with one of my office millenials last week, and we discussed gay marriage. It never occurred to her that the governement should not be involved in religious cetremonies, even after she had just pulled the “seperation of church and state” canard a few minutes earlier. She then went on to mock southern states that allow cousins to marry. Then I showed her all the states that allow cousins to marry, and she was shocked and aghast. I asked her who she is to decide who can marry, and what sort of arrangements are immoral, and her head nearly imploded.

        Our previous discussion was about tolerance, and why one flag should be tolerated, while another is not.

        So far she has not reteated to a safe space, but she did go to human resources to complain about political discussions in the office when she first started work here, and she was told to grow up. I think she may finally be following HR’s advice.

  5. CheshireRed says:

    If in the face of reams of evidence showing everything from wrong calls to adjusted and fake data those in power continue to promote this obvious scam, what if anything is the solution? What’s the next step? It’s beyond doubt the powers that be are aware of theses obvious flaws in AGW theory, yet onwards they go.

  6. Steve Case says:

    If you follow Tony’s link to
    Climate change in Colorado – Boulder Weekly
    and read the comments – well just one from
    Monk of YHVH •
    you get an idea of the mentality we’re up against.

  7. Hats off... says:

    Calling them “stoned useful idiots” seems a little over-generous.

    • gator69 says:

      Leftists do not need drugs to be irrational, in fact, for leftists being stoned likely improves their ability to reason.

      • arn says:

        In most muslim countries those leftists would be stoned-
        and it still would improve their ability to reason :)

      • cdquarles says:

        Deluded and delirious isn’t likely to make one more rational; but yeah, in the case of leftists, it might. Since some people with actual mental illnesses do improve in their ability to reason when taking special drugs under the direction of good medical doctors, this is possible.

  8. R Shearer says:

    A Democratic senator says she can feel climate change when she’s flying. Apparently her ass is calibrated or something. While snow in Denver in May or even June happens every few years, I’ve never seen it snow so hard in Mid-May.

    • arn says:

      Of course she can feel climate change when she’s flying.

      There is no better way to feel
      climate change than sitting in a room with artificial atmosphere and articial pressure
      and artificial climate air conditioning.

      Because It’s the way climate change works:
      Artificial Data,
      Artificial Hockey Sticks
      and an artificial apocalypse that only exist as artificial modell inside a computer.

      That’s why their prediction always fail.

      (btw-why isn’t she using a car or bicycle instead of flying first class on air planes?)

    • annieoakley says:

      36 years in Colorado and this weather is the first time I have seen so much snow so late in the year and so low in elevation.

      • cdquarles says:

        Where I am, big snows are more likely in March than December. The last time I recall any December snow happened in 1971, and it wasn’t a big one. The big one was in mid-March, 1993. I’ve also seen it snow in May, here in the late 60s, though that one was from evaporational cooling and it didn’t accumulate.

        If you look up the Superstorm of March, 1993, you’ll get an idea of how far south I am. In fact, the biggest snow that I can recall prior to the March blizzard was in January 1976. I have some pictures of an early March snow that happened in 2009. That one wasn’t a big snow, only a couple of inches; but still, we’re talking about a late winter event.

  9. Hats off... says:

    Not sure if you have seen the hypocrisy in this yet. John Podesta’s Center for American Progress has published a piece praising China’s upgrades of its coal fired power stations.
    For years, proponents have been arguing the case in western economies to upgrade coal fired power stations to High Efficiency Low Emissions (HELE) Ultra Super Critical units that run more efficiently at higher temperatures. In many cases, CO2 emissions as a result of the upgrades will reduce about 15% for the same electricity provided. The CAP has opposed any efforts towards upgrades in the West, but now are supportive of China????
    Perhaps Robert Mueller’s scope should be broadened to investigate John Podesta and links to China???

  10. Mohatdebos says:

    Thirty years ago, when my statistical skills were much more refined, I would have done a Bayesian analysis on the probability of the weather doing exactly the opposite of what climate shamans like Michael Mann and Katherine Hayhoe prophesize.

  11. Pamela Matlack-Klein says:

    There is nothing unusual about snow in May on the front range. When I lived in the Springs it was commonplace to get snow in May AND August! 17 years ago, we had >4 inches of snow on May 21st.

    The problem with these clowns is that they can’t see past their noses and won’t examine weather records for past years.

    • Steven Fraser says:

      True, not unusual, but there have been several particular day numbers in may when it has not snowed measurably, either no snow at all, or a trace (<.1 in) amount in Boulder. The last time it snowed in Boulder on May 18 was a trace, in 1971.

      So, today's accumulation could be record-setting for this date, unprecedented.

  12. garyh845 says:

    The Weather Channel’s top climate scientist, journalist Michele Berger, has a very impressive web site regarding her ‘climate disruption index.’

    No wonder TWC fell for it.

  13. gator69 says:

    Harold a camping called, he wants his reputation back.

    • gator69 says:

      That’s what I get for posting from my iPhone. Take two…

      Harold Camping called, he wants his reputation back.

  14. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Thank you, Tony, for seeing and reporting the humorous stories of those who imagine they know controls Earth’s climate [See: “The Universe Is In Good Hands,” International Journal of Advanced Research 5 (3), 2113-2123 (2017)]

    “Nothing in life is to be feared,
    It is only to be understood.
    Now is the time to understand more,
    So that we may fear less.”

    ~ Maria Skłodowska-Curie

  15. RPiyys says:

    Exactly how is this particular batch of idiots “useful”?? I don’t get that part.

  16. GW Smith says:

    Hi Tony and gang – Have you seed this new study at about Anthropocentric Space Weather? This could be a major reason the earth has been heating (assuming it has) since the beginning of the space age. We have been creating a bubble of VLF radiation around the earth — “These waves have formed an unintentional bubble around our planet, clearing out “killer electrons” from Earth’s radiation belts.” — So, could this be inhibiting cloud formation and thus cooling? -

  17. You pitiful snowflakes in Colorado making a fuss about snow on May 18!

    As a past member of the Buxton and High Peak Golf Club I can tell you that it is routine to encounter snow on the course in June. One year a county cricket match was interrupted by snow:

    You folks need to “Man Up” or buy warmer underwear.

  18. In Buxton (Derbyshire) you get snow in any of eight months. I remember losing six balls in snow on the first nine in a competition in October. On another occasion my umbrella gathered an inch of snow while playing one par 5 hole…….I can’t remember what month it was.

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