More Spectacular Fraud At Climate Central

Nobody tells more blatant lies about climate than Heidi Cullen’s Climate Central. Here is a whopper. They claim that 80 degree days are coming earlier at Milwaukee, and start their graph during the cold 1970’s – as if there isn’t any data from before 1970.

Let’s check their claim out.  The closest USHCN station to Milwaukee is at Racine.

The trend is the exact opposite of what Climate Central claims. The first 80 degree day is coming much later than it used to. It was 80 degrees in Racine on March 27, 1910 and March 27, 1945. The latest first 80 degree day was in 2013, when Racine didn’t reach 80F until June 24.

For the entire US, there is no trend in the frequency of April 80 degree days, which peaked in 1954 and 1910.

Climate Central couldn’t have picked a worse day to publish this fraud. On this date in 1934, half of the US was over 90F, and much of the Midwest was over 100F. Medford, Wisconsin was 101F on May 30, 1934. Their forecast high today is 53F – almost 50 degrees cooler. Langdon, North Dakota was 111 degrees on this date in 1934.

This sort of spectacular and blatant fraud by Heidi Cullen is typical, who ten years ago wanted to decertify any meteorologist who didn’t go along with her fraud.

Weather Channel Climate Expert Calls for Decertifying Global Warming Skeptics

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16 Responses to More Spectacular Fraud At Climate Central

  1. Lasse says:

    Had to look up Heidi Cullen and Climate central:

    She seems to be well educated. Is she hoping others are not?

    • RAH says:

      She had degrees but if she were actually “well educated” she would not be an intolerant warmist shill.

      • Lasse says:

        Her publication deals with the periodic oscillation so she has the knowledge. Is she just a passionate war-mist?
        She is a woman so she cant be colour-blind!

        • RAH says:

          No matter what honors and degrees and level of education or knowledge a person possesses; If they are not dedicated to finding the facts and revealing the truth as it is found without bias then they are no scientist. They are something else.

          • gator69 says:

            Before we come to class and Range the Sciences, ’tis proper we should sift the merits of Knowledge, or clear it of the Disgrace brought upon it by Ignorance, wether disguised as (1.) the Zeal of the Divines, (2.) the Arrogance of Politicians, or (3.) the Errors of Men of Letters.
            -Sir Francis Bacon, “Advancement of Learning”, 1605 (Father of the Scientific Method)

          • Jason Calley says:

            Science is hard. Pretend science is easy, but REAL science is hard because it is based on the stringent practice of not even lying to yourself. A lot of pretend scientists have credentials and diplomas, but until they have developed the long habit of not lying to themselves they will never be REAL scientists.

  2. BBould says:

    To not continually question ones beliefs is stupidity at its finest.

  3. Steve Case says:

    I live in Milwaukee county and no, summers are not getting warmer.

  4. CheshireRed says:

    Pretty shameless cherry-picking from CC, yet again. Notice how these types throw allegations against sceptics but use the very same tactics when it suits their own agenda? It’s the same with their regular attacks on sceptic debating points: they attack our strongest points to try and demonise and isolate them, but never once do they agree or accept a sceptic point, not even slightly. Propaganda first, last and always.

  5. ‘Thoughtcrime is a dreadful thing, old man,’ he said sententiously. ‘It’s insidious. It can get hold of you without your even knowing it. Do you know how it got hold of me? In my sleep! Yes, that’s a fact. There I was, working away, trying to do my bit — never knew I had any bad stuff in my mind at all. And then I started talking in my sleep. Do you know what they heard me saying?’
    He sank his voice, like someone who is obliged for medical reasons to utter an obscenity.
    “Global Warming is a fraud!”

  6. Let’s just assume that Racine, Wisconsin, like every other city, has experiences an UHI (Urban Heat Island) effect, caused by paving paradise and putting up parking lots.

  7. ScottM says:

    “The latest first 80 degree day was in 2013, when Racine didn’t reach 80F until June 24.”

    How funny! The Racine temperature data is missing for 2013 between Jan 14 and June 20! So we really don’t know what you claimed.

    In 2014, Racine hit 84 on May 22. In 2012, Racine hit 80 on May 3. So it’s likely that the first 80 degree day in Racine in 2013 was during the gap, not after it.

    BTW, there *is* a USHCN station in Milwaukee. I don’t know why you chose Racine over that one, but your comparison is not apple-to-apples.

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