No Idea Is Too Stupid For Climate Scientists

Scientists announced last week that Arctic sea ice extent is at a record low, and that we should give them money to buy ten million pumps to put in the Arctic and refreeze it. This would require ten million fossil fuel powered generators, which would cause a massive pollution problem and destroy huge amounts of habitat. But no idea is too stupid for climate scientists seeking funding.

Sea Ice Extent Continues String of Record Lows The Weather Channel

There is the fake Arctic where climate scientists, politicians and the press live, and then there is the actual Arctic. In the actual Arctic, sea ice extent is normal and about 500,000 km² higher than last year. Sea ice extent is also higher than 2006, the year with the highest summer minimum of the past decade.

Charctic Interactive Sea Ice Graph | Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis

The map below shows growth since the same date last year.

2016     2017

Polar temperatures are about -11C, and about 2C below normal.

Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

No lie is too big, and no idea too stupid for climate scientists, the press and Democratic Party politicians. In 1975, climatologists wanted to cover the Arctic with soot to melt it and stop global cooling.


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