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Three Days Left For NASA’s Climate Prophet

NASA’s top climate expert, James Hansen, predicted that by 2018 the Arctic would be ice-free, and Lower Manhattan would be underwater. Democrats call him a “climate prophet.” Only three days left to go! The Argus-Press – Google News Archive Search … Continue reading

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New Video : Climate – The Data And Fact Free Science

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Four Years Since The New York Times Announced The End Of Snow

The End of Snow? – The New York Times

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Settled Science Requires Constant Data Tampering

I captured this graph in June. Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs Here is the current version of the same graph : Because independent settled science requires constant collusion and data tampering.

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Six Months Since Richard Muller Converted President Trump

Six months ago, fake former climate skeptic Richard Muller of Berkeley Earth said he could convert President Trump to climate alarmism in less than two hours. Trump Calls Global Warming a ‘Hoax.’ This Converted Skeptic Could Change That Five years … Continue reading

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