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Angry About Global Warming

This one is angry about global warming, and blames me. I suspect she may have seen a picture of a starving Polar Bear.

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2017 Was One Of The Least Hot Years On Record In The US

The frequency and areal coverage of hot afternoons in the US has plummeted over the past century, with 2017 being one of the least hot years on record.

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Learning To Be A Good Democrat

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Differentiating Between Weather And Climate

I prepared a visual aid showing how to distinguish between climate and weather, using the standard US Government approved™ definitions. Blue is cherry picking, but red is serious science.

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Skeptics Are Sexist

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Donald Trump Vs. The Experts

Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts” – Richard Feynman Our top climate experts predicted a warm winter in the East, using their top climate models. Meanwhile, President Trump states the obvious – triggering the left to … Continue reading

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