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Global Warming : Green Energy Scam From Day One

Science Rushing Sun Machines To Oust Coal And Oil – 1923 Arrhenius, the father of global warming, said the world would run out of oil by 1983, and was pushing the solar energy business from day one. Arrhenius predicted 8-9C … Continue reading

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The Eagle, The Hawk, and The Windmill

Greens get hysterical about one bear dying of natural causes, but celebrate the death of thousands of raptors killed by their own devices.

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Greens Vs. The Environment

I love raptors and photograph them every day – like this Ferruginous Hawk I saw this morning. And this Kestrel I saw yesterday. It is illegal to shoot Golden Eagles, but if you kill thousands of them in the name … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s Cutest Chicks

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Falling Credibility Of Scientists Predicted In Global Warming Junk Science

Twenty-five years ago, climate experts predicted the demise of the Great Lakes. 12 Feb 1992, Page 7 – Star Tribune at Newspapers.com There has been no change in Great Lakes water levels over the past century. Great Lakes Dashboard – … Continue reading

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Arctic Sea Ice Volume Up 15% Over The Past Decade

Arctic sea ice volume is up 15% from a decade ago, and the area of the Arctic covered with thick ice has massively expanded . 2007   2017 Summer minimum ice extent has increased over the past decade. masie_4km_allyears_extent_sqkm.csv Greenland’s surface … Continue reading

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Scientists Running The Planet On Fairy Dust

Scientists say that the UK can run on “wind, water and solar” by the year 2050. Nearly 140 countries could be powered entirely by wind, solar and water by 2050 | The Independent Let’s look and see if their claim … Continue reading

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