New Video : Climate Alarm – Driven By Superstition, Not Science

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6 Responses to New Video : Climate Alarm – Driven By Superstition, Not Science

  1. kyle_fouro says:

    Off topic but have you seen Andrew Dessler’s recent tweets? I especially like the one where he admits that he’ll only consider changes to climate sensitivity that are higher than current estimates.

    • Rud Istvan says:

      The same Dessler who claimed in a peer reviewed paper to have proven positive cloud feedback (comparing Ceres clear sky to all sky) when his data was a perfect shotgun pattern and his r^2 was 0.02! He flunks stats 101 and is immortalized in the scientific hall of climate shame.

  2. czechlist says:

    I saw on 60 minutes that Gov Brown is going to retire to a secluded ranch in the Kalifornia mountains.
    Why isn’t he going to live with all of the wonderful immigrants he thinks so highly of? And why spend money building a home which is just going to burn down due to climate change drought?

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      Why the mountains? Because Al Gore, Richard Branson, Barbra Streisand, Julia Roberts, Cate Blanchett and other global warming campaigners priced the pauper out of oceanfront real estate.

  3. Ulric Lyons says:

    Winter 1876-77, powerful NE Pacific warm blob blocking giving a very cold NE USA Dec-Jan, and a very wet and stormy Dec-Jan in the UK, wetter than in Jan-Feb 2014. Followed by strong California drought from 1877, what’s new, and a Super El Nino in 1877-78, bigger than 2015-16. Followed by large floods in California 1878, then huge wildfires in the Southwest USA in 1879. There’s nothing new under the Sun.

  4. Ulric Lyons says:

    When was the Sahel drought in the 1680’s? 1686 by any chance?
    The 1740’s, 1750’s, 1820’s and 1830’s weren’t during solar minima, the Dalton Minimum was over by 1820:

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