Overheated Arctic Update

Guest weatherman Al Franken brings today’s overheated Arctic update.

One year ago, the Washington Post announced that the Arctic is “super-hot” and ice levels were at a record low.

The North Pole is an insane 36 degrees warmer than normal as winter descends – The Washington Post

That super hot Arctic air has descended into Europe. I’m up north and will be driving down to London today hoping to avoid the snow.

Europe-wide Next 3 Days Accumulated Snow

Meanwhile, the super-hot Arctic air is also bringing heavy snow to Mexico and South Texas.

Weather Street:Clouds and Precipitation Forecast Movie

And the disappearing Arctic ice is growing rapidly with extent “normal.”

Charctic Interactive Sea Ice Graph | Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis

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49 Responses to Overheated Arctic Update

  1. AndyG55 says:

    “Arctic is super hot ”

    At 252K, about as hot as H. Clinton !

  2. TimA says:

    But but but it’s thin rotten “hot” ice…..

  3. pmc47025 says:

    “Meanwhile, the super-hot Arctic air is also bringing heavy snow to Mexico and South Texas.”

    Just in time for a dose of Hayhoe climate propaganda:

    • cdquarles says:

      The COLD and the snow have moved east. It is snowing in Alabama, though the rate has decreased. There’s variable accumulation, too. When I first went outside to check, there was no accumulation on the road or bare ground. There was 0.5 to 2 inches on grassy or other surfaces.

      Now, there’s 0.25 to 0.5 inches on the road and as much at 6 inches on grassy or other surfaces. Per the radar, I’m likely to see a few more snow showers and/or squalls before it stops later tonight.

      • RAH says:

        It’s snowing in Louisiana and Joe Bastardi believes that Christmas week an arctic blast will come down in the central US with snow possibly reaching all the way to Brownsville, TX!

      • Latitude says:

        cd, Alex made a 8ft snowman in B’ham this afternoon

      • RAH says:

        Well I’m headed toward the warmth. Solo run with a load of new cans from Anderson, IN to Casa Grande, AZ. Longest solo run I’ve had in years doing this guarantee driver job. Head out at 06:00 this Sunday morning. Assigned driver called off the run which is unusual since it is a run that drivers fight over usually because a driver can get well over 3,400 pay miles for five days work and it’s easy driving.

        Rand McNally route taking I-70 to St. Louis then I-44 down to Oklahoma City to catch I-40 west to Flagstaff, AZ then onto I-17 south through Phoenix. Not going that way.

        The best way is to take I-70 to Kansas City then I-35 to Wichita, KS to catch US 54 which will take me down through the wide open spaces of the Kansas grass lands and the panhandles of Oklahoma and Texas. I will continue on US 54 right down to Alamogordo, NM where I catch US 70 to take me to I-10 west through Tucson.

        Much less in tolls, fewer big cities, fewer mountains, more warm weather, shorter distance, and about the same driving time.

        Neither route will allow me to make the one way trip in two 11 hour driving shifts anyway, so why not enjoy the scenery of the back roads instead of zoning out going down all interstates?

        I have done the run to Casa Grande twice before using both of these routes but both times were team driving. Sometimes that have a dedicated back haul out of Roach Laboratories in Tucson, AZ. I hope that is the case this time.

  4. Sandy Blue Ocean says:

    Patriot Games -That is a moronic, ignorant stupid response. You respond to criticism by telling some bullshit story about people getting stuck in ice? YOU are the idiot. Ice just doesn’t go away over night. the thickness has been measured for years by scientists. The data is out there for anyone to read and understand. Our climate is changing and what you are doing is attempting to continue the fossil fuel soaked message that our human civilization can continue to experience unlimited growth on a finite planet. That growth has the side effect of putting too much C02 in the atmosphere and creating the warming effect by creating feedbacks associated with said warming, These feedbacks, such as the altered jet stream, are creating havoc on weather patterns, hence we get heightened Santa Ana winds and optimal dry conditions that have exacerbated the destructive fires in Southern Ca.. The warming atmosphere also created the conditions in Houston that allowed the cloud cover to pick up so much moisture and drop historic amounts of rain on Houston. You and your paid off clowns (you know you are) can continue to spew your disinformation campaigns to the poor souls that believe the lies, until those poor souls lose everything they have due to an atmospheric warming event that will undoubtedly affect them in the next 2-3 years. So Tony, where does all of your “peer reviewed” data come from? What scholars and scholarly institutions are you presenting data from? The Koch Brothers Rupert Murdoch school of political obfuscation? I wonder if good old Murdoch will change his tune now that his home was completely destroyed! Getting back to the Arctic, have you not seen the reports that the greedy Russians are looking at the melting Arctic as a financial opportunity to drill? There also was a vessel that sailed through this year without an ice breaker. That is unprecedented. I really feel sorry for the ordinary people who believe the climate denying bunk. These people will be woefully unprepared for what is about to befall us all, and is all over the world. Record warming in California that was the precursor to fires, record warmth in the north that is affecting indigenous fisherman’s way of life. The crime that you commit on these baseless videos is mind boggling. I suppose it is better in your mind and the mind of the billionaire corporations that back your work, that the electorate in the US be inundated with false facts so they can continue ravaging the earth instead of the hard work of changing to a fossil fuel free world. That hard work should have been aggressively started years ago, but no, the disinformation campaign began in earnest to create a false “debate: in regards to climate science. You and your owners are some of the biggest criminals I have witnessed, because you seek to form opinions in people that will ultimately harm them. When food shortages start and gas station lines begin to be blocks long, what will you tell them then? We already see a darn stick of butter is nearly 7$. That is indicative of a runaway economy based on lies. The United States is headed in the wrong direction, and its the citizens who will pay the price. Who are paying the price. There is no god that is going to help you. Go ahead and continue to spew you lies. I have one last comment, and that is for anyone reading this, please watch the scientists that made videos of the COP 23 meetings just held in Figi. These scientists, backed by peer reviewed published research, are sounding the alarm bell that the world has to wake up and undergo a huge paradigm shift away from fossil fuels. Tony, you can keep spewing your bullshit, and the gullible will continue to listen, but there is a very steep price to pay, and that is human extinction. You are in the worst kind of denial Tony. I suggest you read a book.

    • tonyheller says:

      Major moron spam alert.

    • gator69 says:

      You left off the “Amen”, Ms Sandy.

    • AndyG55 says:

      “creating the warming effect by creating feedbacks associated with said warming”


      Produce one single paper that shows empirically that CO2 causes warming of our atmosphere.

      You are NOTHING but a moronic brain-washed idiot.

      Did you know that there is absolutely NO CO2 warming signal in the whole of the satellite temperature record.

      ALL the slight, beneficial warming has come from El Nino and ocean cycles,

      … there is NO CO2 effect what-so-ever.

    • AndyG55 says:

      “are sounding the alarm bell that the world has to wake up and undergo a huge paradigm shift away from fossil fuels”

      You mean like the 1600 new COAL FIRED power stations being built around the world.

      An increase in plant food emissions of some 43%

      You do know that everything in your brain-washed insignificant little life is there because of FOSSIL FUELS, don’t you..

      You are just another mindless, hypocritical moron.

    • AndyG55 says:

      “such as the altered jet stream”

      Such as in 1977?

      It seems your whole MINDLESS RANT is based on ABJECT IGNORANCE

    • AndyG55 says:

      “When food shortages”

      Last year and this year the planet had RECORD HARVEST YEILDS in all major crops.

      One reason for that is that CO2 is the FUNDAMENTAL BUILDING BLOCK OF LIFE.

      It has been dangerously low for hundred’s of thousands of years.

      Plants NEED MORE CO2.

    • AndyG55 says:

      “I suggest you read a book.”

      I suggest you stop injecting Klimate Kool-Aide and …..

      GET A BRAIN. !!!

    • AndyG55 says:

      “There also was a vessel that sailed through this year without an ice breaker. That is unprecedented.”


      MWP, Vikings were sailing and fishing all over the place.

      The route the St Roch took in 1944 through beside Banks Island has never been sailed since

      The current Arctic sea ice extent is in the top 10% of the extents for the last 10,000 years

      The first 7000-8000 years of the Holocene, there was often ZERO summer sea ice.

      But you are WOEFULLY IGNORANT of all this, aren’t you snowflake.

    • AndyG55 says:

      “an atmospheric warming event that will undoubtedly affect them in the next 2-3 years”

      Big La Nina forming, bozo. !!

    • AndyG55 says:

      You could of course try to counter something TH has said …

      by using, say, DATA …… rather than a mindless, brain-empty, fact-free rant.

      Or not.

    • AndyG55 says:

      Gees, slimy green worms like this “Sandy Blue Ocean”

      ….. really are the WEAKEST of the WEAK.

      A mindless yapping rant, zero science..

      Then can’t back up a thing he/she says.

      PATHETIC !!

  5. Pathway says:

    Glad they caught old blowtorch Reggie. Had no idea he was so dangerous. I guess people feel safe living in moms basement and writing creepy stuff on the internet.

  6. Kris Johanson says:

    With respect to the uppermost photo, I think Senator Franken was treated terribly by his own party. The Democrat Party demanding he resign from the U.S. Senate because he grabs women butts and tries to forceably kiss them? These other Dem Senators wagging their long boney self-righteous fingers at him? What a joke. I would refuse to resign. This proves that the U.S. Senate is nothing but a private club of 100 people who do absolutely NOTHING for the country. About 50 percent of them are involved in major criminal activity, involving sex crimes, drug crimes, steering federal contracts to their spouses, partying and paying off bills with the public purse.

    • Gator says:

      If I behaved like Franken, I would not be asked to resign, I would be fired. Until we rid ourselves of our ruling class, and our privileged demographics, this sort of crap will only get worse.

      • Kris Johanson says:

        Agreed!… and his booting-out was a cold calculation by his Party, which doesn’t give a rat’s a__ about women other than obtaining their votes every 2 years, so that they can replace him with an even more liberal Senator from Minnesota such as the America-hater Keith Ellison…

      • RAH says:

        This presidents accomplishments are piling up. Though the “news” will do what they can to suppress that news, they can’t hide the effects. Really amazing I think since he has every snake and alligator in the swamp trying to bite him.

        • cdquarles says:

          Indeed. In my lifetime, Trump’s the best president ever, beating out Ronaldus Magnus. Like Reagan before him, the swamp hates him with a blind rage.

          • GW says:

            I love president Reagan. But I’m forced to agree with you. Reagan worked with the system; Trump is upending it !

  7. Psalmon says:

    Snow all across Europe…even Fichtelberg Mountain…the famous NYT “End of Snow” mountain. Looks like people still skiing and snow (not man made) on the ridge opposite.



  8. oldbrew says:

    BBC Weather says: Amber snow warning issued for Sunday

    ‘Significant snowfall is forecast with impacts for travel expected.’

    Mainly central/northern England and north Wales, they reckon.

  9. RickS says:

    Well Tony you kind of beat me to it, but…

    U.S. Snow Cover December 8, 2017 !

    Lots of Snow Cover Pre-Winter (i.e. Fall) 2017/2018

  10. Disillusioned says:

    Get a load of this “overheated Arctic” story – “…starving polar bear shows the ‘soul-crushing’ reality of global warming”

    • RAH says:

      Yea. Everyone knows that polar bears live forever. They never get sick or injured, or die of old age. That video and article is pap for the cretins.

    • Latitude says:

      It couldn’t possibly be that bear is dying of old age….or parasites

    • gator69 says:

      Sorry, but 92% of poley bear populations say they are fine, and that this skinny bear is a denier…

      The overwhelming conclusion from years of accumulated conversations with native populations about polar bears is that there is almost no connection between the long-term observations of polar bear ecology and the more recent claims that polar bears as a species are in grave danger due to climate change and thinning sea ice.

      In fact, the long-term observations suggest that polar bear subpopulations are currently faring quite well, with 92% of the subpopulations studied either remaining stable or growing in recent years.

      According to Inuit observers, there may even be “too many” bears now.

      • Disillusioned says:

        Although I shouldn’t be (we know their game), I was particularly amazed at the opportunistic hyper-sensationalism of that article. I found this one particularly disgusting.

  11. This same sort of sabotage and intimidation was already standard in 1981, before university BBS systems blossomed into the internet. At Access to Energy we helped move crates of Cresson Kearney’s “Nuclear War Survival Skills” and infiltrators within the postal monopoly stole or vandalized the shipments at every opportunity. They also stole and vandalized Petr Beckmanns books. The net result was that insurance paid for the replacements, so taxpayers ended up footing the bill. All of the surviving China Syndrome totalitarian-boosters have morphed into today’s Warmunist Rotisserie Millerites.

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